Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pirates of Caribbean " On Stranger Tides " - First Pictures ...and Videos !

The shooting of Pirates of Caribbean "On Stranger Tides" began in Hawai and thanks to the dozens of paparrazis and POTC fans which are out there we can share the first pictures and great videos, including new videos showing the shooting of some scenes!

Here is the synopsis released by Disney: "Jack Sparrow crosses paths with a woman (Penélope Cruz) from his past, but he's not sure if it's love or if she wants to follow him so she can find the lost Fountain of Youth. Things seem clearer when she forces him aboard The Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the infamous Blackbeard (Ian McShane). Here, Jack finds himself on a brand new journey and unsure as to who he should fear more, the woman from his past of the cutthroat pirate".

Jack Sparrow also did a special announcement at San Diego's ComicCon and if you've missed it, here it is!

So, let's begin with pictures showing the shooting of a scene with Geoffrey Rush, you won't see Jack on these but don't worry, you'll see him below. Click on the pics to see them in larger scale.

And here is the video showing the filming of that scene!

Now, as you've read in the synopsis Blackbeard's ship is called The Queen Anne's Revenge. May be you're interested to see how it looks like, right?

During the filming of a night scene - with fog!

Here is two videos of Queen Anne's Revenge ship in Kane'ohe Bay.

This third video shows the rehearsal of a battle on the ship, soon to be filmed!

And now, the pictures you're waiting for, showing the crew!

On the next slide-show video more pictures of Johnny and Penélope dancing and drinking (rum, i hope!) on the ship!

And here is the video of the night shooting of the scene, one day later!

Let's end with a pure hysterical moment with Johnny "Jack Sparrow" Depp acclaimed by his fans while he's arriving at He'eia Pier on his way to the set!

If you enjoy Disney and more, thanks for your support!

Pictures and videos: copyright their own photographers. ComicCon video: copyright Disney/Bruckheimer


DisWedWay said...

Alain, Great glimpse of Jack Sparrow and his new "former love" leading lady Penelope. Do you think she will show up in the Pirates auction scene at Disneyland?

DisWedWay said...

Perhaps Jack Sparrow and Angelica will appear as Life size bronzes sitting by the Fountain of Youth in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. How would that be for a photo oportunity?

The Genii said...

No one seems to have noticed that Geoffrey Rush is wearing a blue covering on his right leg from the knee down and it tells us that this portion will be be replaced by CGI in post production--I'm betting he has a peg leg!

Kevin said...

Yeah, that is surely Geoffrey Rush, I recognized him anywhere. I figured from the photos, he must be undercover or something like that. This movie now looks so cool, I just love the look of the Queen Anne's Revenge, that's one of the coolest things about Pirates is that the ships are so unique in their own way. I can't wait to see Ian McShane as Blackbeard. Nice costume for Cruz too. I heard a trailer is set to premiere with Tron Legacy in December, can't wait!!

Kevin said...

I'd love to see them redecorate New Orleans square for Pirates or for Princess and the Frog, like Facilier's voo shop as a Disney villains walkthrough, wouldn't that be cool!

Jones said...

I´m just sick and tired of this franchise - the first movie was bad, the 2nd one worse, and the 3rd one just plain horrible. But as long as people buy tickets, they will making new ones, and keep ruining the park attractions... (are there really people who want to see an animatronic Johnny Depp? Are there really people who don´t cringe whenever Depps face appears in "World of Color"?

Anonymous said...

I cringe when his face appears in WOC. Can't stand the fact that they threw him in just because. Why is that movie the ONE live-action movie featured in WOC?

Anonymous said...

where's Tangled/Rapunzel ????

Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

Like it or not Captain Jack Sparrow is the most popular Disney character nowadays and a lot of people do want to see him at the Disney Parks. Besides, he makes a lot of money, so why not make a new movie?
I personally liked the first movie a lot but didn't like the second and the third much, I think that the story became just too complicated.
Hope the next one is as good as the first, blackbeard is at least a good idea for a pirates movie.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited for the forth pirates movie! I'm. hoping that someone can tell me when it is premiering in Disney Land? I would like to be there to see Johnny walk by