Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pirates of Caribbean " On Stranger Tides " - Filming in Hawaii - Part Two

As the filming of Pirates of Caribbean "On Stranger Tides" is going on in Hawaii, new videos were uploaded on Youtube this week. I'll try to give you fresh news of the POTC filming each sunday, as long as new pictures or videos will be available!

So, new videos of the shooting on the Queen Anne's Revenge in Kaneohe Bay, Heeia Harbor - and above a new picture of the ship.

Remember last week the video showing a battle rehearsal on the ship? Well, days later they've shoot the real scene, and here is a video showing this. You'll note the smoke effects in the background.

Anybody knows that it's a hard life to be a super-star but Johnny Depp always had a great respect for his fans, specially considering they generally wait a long time to see their idol. On the first video below Johnny, on his way to the set, salutes his Hawaian fans. And on the second one Johnny takes plenty of time to cheers with everyone, probably back at night from a long shooting day - or may be he was going to a night sequence shoooting...

See you soon for more news of Pirates of Caribbean "On Stranger Tides"!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Jerry Bruckheimer

Videos: Many thanks to all the different people who've filmed and posted the videos on Youtube!


DisWedWay said...

Alain, Will we see a Queen Anne in Shanghai or parked off the Resort Aulani in Ko Olina?

Alain Littaye said...

Good question. If they were smart they would park the Queen Anne's revenge at least in front of the new DVC resort in Aulani!