Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disneyland Paris officially announces its will to build a third theme park - Edited 9/15 with more details and renderings

Disneyland Paris officially announced today that the agreement signed with the french government - which was supposed to end in 2017 - will be extend until 2030 as well as new investment with partners for an amount which could be as high as 8 Billion euros
AND their will to build a third theme park. This extension of the agreement will be signed this tuesday afternoon.

Before you get too excited about this official announcement, let's have a look to what this really means: First the whole site area will be extend from 1.943 to 2.230 hectares. The park will build in partnership with Pierre & Vacances Co a new leisure village called "Villages Nature of Val d'Europe", which is nothing new as it was announced many years ago but you'll be happy to know that these Villages will include a water park on which WDI Imagineers worked on the design - but no, it won't be, unfortunately, the original Lava Lagoon project. However it seems that the investment for this Village will be around 1.8 Billion euros, with first part delivered in 2015. Something else, and more new in the new convention talks about the building of 10000 housing as well as new infrastructures for this new area.

Edited 9/15
: What will be the "Villages Nature"? Here is more about it from the Val d'Europe web site, including renderings. As you will see, for a big part, the Villages will be surrounded by water:

"Villages Nature is an ecotourism project, the concept of which is based on the search for harmony between Man and Nature. The first of its kind in Europe, this project could be adapted to each of the planet’s four elements (water, earth, air and fire). Developed over a 15 to 20-year period, its surface area would reach 530 hectares, of which only 10% would be built upon."

Below, the first Blue Sky concept-arts and master-plan of the project:

"A letter of intent for this project, which could ultimately generate up to 9,000 direct and indirect jobs, was signed on February 13th, 2007. Developed in partnership with the Pierre & Vacances Group, it aims to be exemplary in terms of reducing ecological footprints: waste management, water recycling, geothermal exploitation, car-free environment, use of sustainable materials and more."

"As the feasibility studies proceed, we find ourselves dreaming about the idea of enjoying a few days in one of the future Villages Nature ... an opportunity to breathe, recharge our batteries and expend our energy within the very depths of nature."

Below, a part of the latest master plan revealed in an official presentation of the project, June 25th 2010:

As you probably already understood they're talking here more about a huge real estate project than anything else. Still, they also confirmed their intention to build a third theme park but faithful Disney and more readers may have noticed that i've told you almost one year ago that the park was indeed working on a third gate with an opening envisioned at the end of the decade...if everything goes well.

Of course the main reason of this real estate project is to bring euros in the cash drawer, which the park needs desperately. In two words, they're probably making more money now out of the real estate operations than from the resort - i mean, at least in terms of profit on investment. Still, the park also announced that the resort is now the fifth hotel group in France and that DLRP is now making alone 6,4% of the whole french tourism earnings, which is not bad at all.

Edited 9/15: Just like you i would have prefer more details about this third theme park and they are coming today with this big news revealed today by The Telegraph and it's about what could be the theme of the third theme park! As the info is coming from Philippe Gas DLP's CEO himself this one can be considered as not a rumor, and guess what? the 3rd theme park could be a Marvel super-heroes park!:

"In the latest deal with the French government, the deadline by which Euro Disney would have to develop the land has been extended from 2017 to 2030, to provide the time needed to construct a third theme park.

Philippe Gas, the chief executive of Euro Disney, said one idea for a third park is "a superheroes park" following the acquisition of Marvel by Disney - although the construction of a third park is a long-term vision. Mr Gas said there is a possibility that a decision to build a third park could come as late as 2020, although it may come earlier if planned work on the Disney Studios park is completed.

As the 3rd park opening won't happen before ten years from now its concept and its theme may change. However, it's good to know "officially" that a third gate is always in DLP plans, let's just hope they will sell quickly as many as possible of the 10000 apartments as this should be helpful to finance the third theme park!

So, what is your opinion about having a Marvel super-heroes park at DLP? Let me know in the comments, and don't miss the part two of this article showing how could look a park in tribute to Marvel Super-Heroes!

Below, DLP's official corporate release about yesterday's agreement:

Renewed Momentum for the Partnership between Euro Disney and the French Public Parties - Signature of an Amendment to the Main Agreement of March 24, 1987

(Marne-la-Vallée, September 14, 2010) Euro Disney S.C.A. (the "Company"), parent company of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A, operator of Disneyland® Paris, announced that it will sign this afternoon an Amendment to the Main Agreement of March 24, 1987 which created Euro Disneyland in France (the "Main Agreement"), with the French State, the Ile-de-France Région, the Seine-et-Marne Département, and the Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de Marne-la-Vallée (the "Amendment").

This Amendment will represent a new phase in the existing partnership between the Euro Disney group (the "Group") and the French Public Parties that for the past twenty years has driven the development of sector IV of Marne-la-Vallée with Disneyland Paris, Europe’s number one tourist destination, as well as the urban and economic
hub of Val d’Europe.

The Amendment reinforces the ongoing significant and growing contributions of the Group to France’s draw as a tourist destination, as well as the creation of added value to the French economy, creation of both direct and indirect jobs, and to support the re-balancing of the Ile-de-France region toward the East, as was highlighted in the Economic Impact Study published in December 2009 by the French Inter-ministerial Delegate to the Euro Disney project.

This Amendment to the Main Agreement, which takes place in the context of a Project of General Interest (in French, Projet d’Intérêt Général), allows the signatories:

• To pursue the development of the tourist destination for hotel and theme park activity, including notably the right to build a third theme park in the long term thereby continuing to enhance the attractiveness of Disneyland Paris and reflecting its support of France as a leader in tourism.

• To pursue the urban development of Val d’Europe to facilitate a rebalancing of economic growth and job creation in the eastern part of the Ile-de-France region, which encompasses new housing development as envisioned by the Ile-de-France Region Planning (in French, Schéma Directeur de la Région Ile-de-France).

• To develop a new tourism project, “Les Villages Nature de Val d’Europe”, based on sustainable development. The project will be in partnership with the Pierre & Vacances Group via a joint venture that is a signatory to the Amendment. This project, which will be launched depending on market conditions, would be developed in phases up to approximately 500 hectares within a 20-year timeframe.

To facilitate the vision for future growth outlined by the Amendment, the perimeter of the Main Agreement has been modified from 1,943 to 2,230 hectares. Similarly, the parties have agreed to change the end date of the Main Agreement from 2017 to 2030. Between now and 2030, and as estimated by the French State projects within the new
perimeter could generate an approximate investment of € 8 billion by various tourist and urban developers, including € 1.8 billion for Les Villages Nature de Val d’Europe, most of which will be made by individual and/or institutional investors, and a potential of 70,000 directs and indirect jobs.

The Amendment establishes certain key principles for a balanced and sustainable development and commits the Public Parties to certain improvements and additional infrastructure in terms of road access and public transportation both within the land covered by the Main Agreement and elsewhere in Seine-et-Marne.

Philippe Gas, C.E.O. of Euro Disney S.A.S., stated “With this Amendment to the Main Agreement to be signed with the French public parties, we are renewing our collective confidence in the future of Disneyland Paris. For over twenty years, this model has brought sustained growth to the region, while ensuring a close relationship with our
public partners and neighbouring communities. We are committed to continue developing our tourist destination and supporting France’s tourism leadership, while addressing the challenges of sustainable development.”

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Picture: copyright Disney


Gdgourou said...

The third Park wasn't already part of the previous plan ? In this case, the new plan only postpone the construction between 20147 and 2030 instead of before 2017. No ?

Alain Littaye said...

Something like that, yes!

Anonymous said...

il faudrait deja que le 2e parc puisse ressembler a un vrai parc...on verra pour un 3e apres !

ils ont deja du mal à payer qq malheureuses nouvelles attractions, le magic Kingdom est abandonné depuis des années en terme de "vraies" nouveautés. J'ai peur du résultat si un 3e venait à arriver.

Anonymous said...

It only puts the third park construction thirteen years beyond the previous agreement did. If at least they were doing a DCA-stile lifting to the Studios, and not a miserable patchwork-stile work...
And as I'm not interested in urban developments (with the Disney name or not), I don't consider it good news at all...

Anonymous said...

I hope that the third park is gonna be something like epcot from wdw.
But then with as main theme the cultures of europe, instead of the world. ( like wdw has )
Also the imagination area should be nice, with the technoligy to the future..

Anonymous said...

Oops! I totally disagree! I hope a Paris DisneySea rises very soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

It appears to be a major postponement. On the other hand, the first Village Nature project would be completed around 2015. It would appear logical that a waterpark would follow within about 3 years after completion of this project. Will the new themepark be located within the Disney circle area or could it be built near the Village-area?

Alain Littaye said...

The third park is supposed to be built on the land in front of the Newport Bay and Sequoia Lodge Hotels, approximately one kilometer from the two other parks. This is where they envisioned to built it since twenty years and the land, of course, is still available.

robert metzler said...

dear alain after 3rd park bult i got word i am hope they need more disney park and hotel so disneyland paris can be true restort . inculde water park as well .

Robert /Cologne said...

Expand the main park,get our ariel attraction built,get the shows running.
Start getting the 2nd park in order before a 3rd park is built.
We need an evening show,World of Colour would be perfect because no use of pyros.

Alain Littaye said...

Don't worry, Robert, they will probably do all what you request before they build a third theme park... which we must not expect before at least ten years.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Is this water park going to be a Disney water Park like the ones in Florida?

Eskil said...

I love Marvel ! I love superhero !

But I think a Marvel themepark is not a good idea, a DisneySea, Epcot style, or Animal Kingdom is really a better idea.

We need magic, beauty, the Disney Style.

But Marvel will be Bankable.

Anonymous said...

I like the whole Marvel idea- big Marvel fan!! Just wish they would build it in Orlando!!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

A Marvel theme park is an excellent idea for the third park in Paris, and it would appeal to male teenagers and yong adults, a public that a good percentage don't like Disney very much.

So with this Park the Resort would have options for all tastes, and would appeal to the whole family, as teenagers who don't like the Disney universe much, can go to the Marvel Park while their sisters go to the DLP.

I'm completely against having marvel attractions or characters in the Magic Kingdoms, but a Marvel theme park makes total sense.

Just hope that they don't try to save too much money in this project, because the cheaper options are always the most expensive ones.

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?