Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland announces its 2010 Halloween season, starring Maleficent as "The Mistress of All Evil" !

Hong Kong Disneyland did recently its press event for the upcoming Halloween season, and as always they announced a great and creepy Halloween, the kind we would like to have at DLP instead of the pumpkin men which seems to be there forever... So, here is the HKDL Halloween program with the help of the official press release and pictures.

Each year HKDL design a new Halloween and, after last year's Alien invasion in Tomorrowland, Maleficent seems to have a special treatment this year as she will be "the Mistress of All Evil", furious that she has never been invited to Disney’s Haunted Halloween. She is planning to unleash her darkest power and throw the hottest and most unexpected Halloween party ever. From September 16th to October 31st Maleficent will enchant HKDL Guests with new frightful fun scattered across the whole park.

As darkness continues to fall and the lights begin to dim, the Dark power will transform Main Street U.S.A. into Main Street U.S.A. Ghost Town. Ghosts from a forgotten era will roam aimlessly up and down the Street, haunting all who pass by. Without warning, when the music turns to a heart-throbbing beat, thrilling lights and mist fill the air, a Ghostly Gathering is invoked from every corner. Beware of the long forgotten townsfolk, who suddenly appear in the foggy darkness!

Under the evil power of Maleficent, Adventureland will become even more treacherous as the fog-filled Tribal Burial Ground is taken at night by demented zombies, deadly explorers, bedeviled tribal warriors and gatekeepers who will greet their Guests unexpectedly. To see and be seen, Guests can treat themselves with a Halloween makeover at the all new Boo-tique. From HK$250 up, HKDL professional make-up artists will transform Guests into the most haunting yet coolest spirits of the night!

Maleficent has even set Sleeping Beauty’s Castle aflame, where the brand new “Nightmare in the Sky” Pyrotechnics Show will be staged during Disney’s Haunted Halloween. “Hong Kong Disneyland will soon be starting its 5th anniversary celebration. Starting in September 2010, we will be filling a whole year with new surprises and experiences. We will bring a new and unexpected Disney’s Haunted Halloween to Guests this year. “Nightmare In The Sky” is the first time the Park has redesigned the pyrotechnics show for a seasonal program, in which lighting, music, high-definition digital projection and pyrotechnic coalesce perfectly,” said Frederick Chan, HKDL Director of Marketing. He added, "In addition, Guests who come in September may receive a special hologram viewer at the Park Entrance to enjoy the Pyrotechnics Show in a new perspective!"

The Only Halloween Themed Pyrotechnics Show in Hong Kong – Nightmare in the Sky
Maleficent’s curse has instigated the first ever Halloween pyrotechnics show in Hong Kong Disneyland called “Nightmare in the Sky” - Pyrotechnics Show as she unleashes her spirit on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Surrounded by her sinister laugh and ghostly music, Maleficent will conjure up her wicked magic and engulf the castle in thorns and flames, while she ignites the sky with a spooky pyrotechnics spectacular.

Jump into the Inferno Dance Party! To continue her take-over of Disney’s Haunted Halloween, Maleficent has invited some of her evil friends – Queen of Hearts from “Alice in the Wonderland” and the Hag from “Snow White” for the high-energy Inferno Dance Party where Guests can burn up the dance floor as a DJ rocks the party with a mash-up of retro chart-toppers and Halloween-themed hits.

Return of the Timeless Evil Power: Guests should be paying their utmost attention this year as Victoria Maxwell’s spirit continues to roam the Main Street Haunted Hotel, andthe ancient outpost in Adventureland is crazed with lost Adventurers in Demon Jungle.

Popular Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy will make your heart race and skin crawl in the darkness of an alternate universe and you can get into the spirit of things with the Glow in the Park Halloween Parade as it rocks along transforming before your very eyes.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Chip & Dale will be dressed in their all-new spooky Halloween costumes ready to Meet & Greet all their friends. Also, the Park will launch a set of Disney Characters in their all-new Halloween Costumes available at HKDL merchandise outlets.

The Park is offering some demon delights with Halloween-themed menus at restaurants throughout the Park. Guests can also try the spooky signature buffet at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. HKDL will also released about 150 pieces of new and exclusive Halloween merchandise.

Guests can experience the dark side of Hong Kong Disneyland with extended hours on Thursday through Sunday with the night ticket at only HK$228. Annual Pass holders can bring a friend for a one-time offer of HK$168 only. Students can purchase the Student Annual Pass starting from HK$460 for multiple visits to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Pictures and press release: copyright Hong Kong Disneyland

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of Halloween DLRP should sounds so amazing and so brilliantly done!

Having Maleficant orchestrating the chaos and covering the castle with thorns makes perfect sense for a park at which Sleeping Beauty castle sits.

And as for turning Main Street USA in a Victorian ghost-town? So fantastic!

Oh DLRP....if only...

Marco Antonio Garcia. said...

This is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alain! This is so cool! I wish I could go to HKDL. Maybe someday.

Ty Mullins said...

I think it's sad that Disney World has never even experimented with a scarier-side of Halloween, perhaps for Hollywood Studios. With the level of detail Disney always provides, a "Horrorwood Studios" event could prove epic- perhaps even better than Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

Anonymous said...

Que c kitsch... mon dieu

Alain Littaye said...

Oui, mais ce n'est pas le problème.

Anonymous said...

That looks REALLY scary! Disneyland becomes PG-13?

Jo said...

Amazing! I wish I could go. It looks like such a hardcore Halloween celebration!