Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shanghaî Disneyland construction starting in November ?

According to Shanghaî Disneyland construction is supposed to start after the ending of the 2010 Shanghai Expo in November. This doesn't surprised me as i've always thought that Shanghaî officials will wait the end of the Expo to do the awaited SDL announcement. Once the Expo will be over Shanghaî will need to create a new buzz for the future and the big Shanghaî Disneyland project will perfect for that.

The full article is on Trading Markets. com HERE, and don't miss the "space" article below with two never seen before pictures of Walt Disney coming back in 1965 to the Marshall Space Flight Center!

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Hope they do it properly this time. I mean a big and beautiful park with many E ticket attractions, some of them original.

I would also like to see a new castle instead of a replica of another park's castle like they usually do in Asia (maybe beauty and the best castle).