Thursday, March 17, 2011

Imagineering video previews new WDW Haunted Mansion interactive queue

You probably know that WDI Imagineers created an interactive queue at WDW Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion and it's a pretty cool one. On the video below Imagineers previews what they've done. One more thing: after you've watched the video, jump to the one filmed by Inside the Magic HERE, which will show you even more of this great Haunted Mansion interactive queue!

Video: copyright Disney


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

This comment is about the last TDR post, but by the way, nice video!

Don't worry Alain, we got your point.

Also I was not making a reference to you when I wrote about people making apocalyptical predictions, but to some comments made on this post.

A nuclear accident is always terrible and anything can happen, no one knows for sure, so I got your point, but probably the nuclear issue is not among the worst consequences of this terrible disaster and the international media is, as always, being sensationalist and overestimating the problem to sell newspapers and magazines.

And please keep us updated about the TDR situation, because regarding the Japanese situation everyone is writing, but with specific reference to TDR your blog is the only place where I can find news, thank you for that!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Improving the lines on the major attractions is what Disney need to do to help improving the only unpleasant experience at the parks- waiting, some times for hours, in a line.

Excellent iniciative!