Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Star Tours 2 rendering shows Boba Fett chase scene

A new Star Tours 2 rendering was released recently, apparently included in an email sent to WDW annual passholders. Interesting rendering showing what might be another "destination" near planet Geonosis. You can see on the rendering the Starspeeder being chased by Boba Fett vessel and also - in the background - the first Death Star under construction. Star Tours 2 open in a bit more than two months at DHS and it's going to be a very exciting moment!

Picture: copyright Disney-Lucas Film


Tom Robin said...

Sad sad sad... who wants to go back in the places of the Star Wars prequels?
It's like... who wants to watch again The Phantom Menace (3D release in 2012)? Geonosis, the podrace... all of this bear the seal of awfulness. Lucas live in a galaxy, far far away from the one we love.

Alain Littaye said...

Just wait for the final result to see if it will be good or not. Me, too, i'm not excited by a Pod race sequence - mainly because i find this a choice a bit too obvious for a simulator ride - but who knows, it might be great anyway...and it probably will be.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I have to see it finished to give my opinion about this ride, but a lot of thinks about it makes me wonder, and the most intriguing to me is the use of 3D- Aren't we supposed to be inside of a ship just like in the original Star Tours? Don't all the ships have a window that prevent things from the outside of entering inside it? If that's so, why are they going to use a technology that gives the illusion that things are getting out of the screen and entering the theatre?- in this case passing through the ship's windshield and entering inside it?
Does anyone know these answers?
Anyway I thrust WDI and George Lucas, and I think that they are not going to disappoint us...