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First Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea videos filmed during Japan Earthquake - 3/14 : Updated with new videos

The first videos filmed inside Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea during the earthquake or the aftershocks are appearing on Youtube. As the damages in the parks appears to be relatively minors - which is good news - don't expect to see a collapsed Tower of Terror. The cast members in the parks seems to be well prepared for this kind of dramatic event and it seems that the instructions from TDR cast members to the guests during an earthquake is: "Everybody down!".

The earthquake happened while TDL guests were waiting for the day parade and as you can see on the first videos above and below everyone has been asked to remain sit on the ground. The message coming out TDL loudspeakers is not the one you generally hear in a Disney Park: "Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please, we have just experienced an earthquake...Please move away from the buildings to an open area..."

New and interesting video showing what happened to the poor TDL guests who were stuck in the park and the cold weather during all the afternoon and early evening. Apparently the guests were allowed to leave the park five hours after the earthquake.

Inside Tokyo Disney Sea now with this video filmed during the earthquake while the show on the lagoon was happening. The show stopped almost instantly.

NEW VIDEO: During the earthquake, near the Tower of Terror. At TDS too, everyone was asked to sit down, wherever they were.

NEW VIDEO: JTCent of web site was at Cape Cod in TDS when the earthquake happened, here is his video and you can have more infos on his site HERE.

This next TDS video was filmed during the earthquake aftershocks.

This next one shows TDL guests inside the Tower of Terror after the first earthquake.

Hours later, at sunset, TDL guests stuck in the park as the main rail line from Tokyo to TDR, Keiyo Line, has been damaged. "We"re all homeless!" say the video title.

NEW VIDEO: On this next video entirely from TDR monorail going all around the resort you'll see clearly at 4.10 minutes the liquefaction damages in TDR parking lot. TDL and TDS buildings looks in good condition.

Two other videos showing minor damages on the ground, apparently in the streets around the parks.

On this second video, recorded near Tokyo Disneyland Maihama-Station, TDR workers are already repairing the damages due to the earthquake.

However, another threat may come from the North as Japan nuclear agency announced that the Fukushima nuclear plant exploded this morning and there is fears of a nuclear meltdown after the plant blast. The blast happened while workers tried to cool nuclear rods as the plant have been damaged by the earthquake. A huge radioactive cloud - as you'll see on the video below - came out from the nuclear plant and dozens of thousands of people living nearby have been evacuated. As it happened when Tchernobyl nuclear plant exploded in 1986 the radioactive cloud will move and it's not known yet in which direction - but whatever the direction it will move it will be bad. This earthquake was already a tragedy of gigantic proportions, now it seems that the gates of hell are open.

Also, and i don't want to be too pessimistic, but all earthquake experts are saying that yesterday's earthquake probably had effects on another tectonic plaque located in the south, closer to Tokyo. It's too soon to tell how big the effects will be and if the earthquake had increased the tension on this other plaque but the experts seems to be afraid that it might increase the chances of another earthquake, this time close to Tokyo who didn't had a major quake since 1920. Yesterday's earthquake was really big but it might be nothing in comparison with the "big one" that earthquake experts are awaiting and afraid of. As always, no one can predict when this "big one" will happen although quake experts are saying they might be able to know more about the risk when they will have finished to study the infos collected from yesterday's earthquake.

Finally, it seems that the official TDR web site has deleted all opening hours until March 21 which could mean that both TDL and TDS might be closed until March 22.
I'll try to post more TDR videos when they will be available. Yesterday's article with the latest news about Japan devastating earthquake and its effects on Tokyo Disney Resort is HERE and you'll find below a new video to be watch full screen of the massive tsunami destroying a whole town of north-east Japan.

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