Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Official Shanghaî Disneyland Plan Unveiled

An official map of Shanghaî Disneyland resort was made public yesterday and you can see it above. Four hotels are indicated on the plan, and one of them is so close to the theme park that it may be another hotel with "view on the park" like the Miracosta at TDS or the Disneyland Hotel at DLP. Also, no need to be a genius to understand that SDL second gate will be build in the future where the white space is, on the right of the first park.

I think we are close to the big final announcement during which the whole project should be unveiled! In the meantime you can read below what Shanghaî Daily reports about this SDL plan:

"The planned area covers 7 square kilometers, with the location of the theme park, hotels and parking areas clearly marked.

Two Metro lines, Line 2 and Line 11, will converge at the area. Line 11 is included in the project's first phase while the Line 2 stretch will be introduced later. They will share a station inside the area, according to the plan.

The 24.5 billion yuan (US$3.73 billion) phase 1 will cover 3.9 square kilometers, while the rest is listed as reserved land for future development.

Four plots in the phase one project are marked as hotel compounds, but the plan doesn't specify how many hotels it will contain. Two hotel compounds will be built by the southern side of the inner lake.

The amusement facilities and the inner lake are separated by support facilities including a parking lot, a hotel and recreational facilities.

Water will be a prominent feature of the amusement park. A river, about 10 kilometers long and 60 meters wide, is being created around the park area and a 0.39-square-kilometer lake will be inside.

The theme park is close to the Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Kangqiao Industry Zone and the International Medical Zone, according to the blueprint.

The park will have two main entrance boulevards - Xiupu Road will lead to the western entrance and Liufeng Road to the southern entrance.

The theme park, in the southeast of Shanghai, is about 21 kilometers from People's Square, 18km from Lujiazui, 12km from Pudong International Airport and 30km from the Hongqiao transport hub."

Text: copyright Shanghaî Daily


SP said...

Hey !

I'm a huge fan of Disney and so a HUGE fan of you !
Since you told in a comment last week that you'll post a feature about the upcoming Ratatouille dark ride, I'm dying every day with anticipation and can't stop thinking about it !
So, Shangai's good and all but what about PARIS ? When will you post your article ? I can't wait to read it !!!

Anyway, as usual your blogS are amazing ; keep the good work ! :)

Alain Littaye said...

Update about DLP coming probably next week! Sorry for the delay!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Your blogs? Do you have another blog Alain?

Alain Littaye said...

Well, Marco, there is four other blogs that you probably already know: the D&M Artwork blog, the D&M Movies blog which are basically two sections of Disney and more and also the Tom Sherman blog and the Innoventions blog. All links to them are on the right column near the top.

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