Thursday, March 10, 2011

Devastating 8.9 Earthquake hit Northern Japan - Tokyo hit by Tsunami - Minors structural damages in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea

Breaking News: An 8.9-magnitude earthquake AND a major tsunami hit northern Japan this Friday morning sending a massive body of water filled with debris that included boats and houses inching toward highways. The epicenter was 373 kilometers (231 miles) away from Tokyo, the United States Geological Survey said. This is a MAJOR earthquake which have already (and will have) important "replicas" . If you are in Japan, i hope you're safe. All my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan and those of other countries who will be hit by the tsunami.

No news yet about TDL and TDS. Did the park have been damaged by the earthquake? Did Tokyo Disney Sea which is close to the sea been hit by the tsunami? If you're a D&M reader living in Japan, thanks to let us know!

Update: According to Jiji, press agency TDR parking lot is completely flooded.

According to JoeInJpn, a mice chat member currently inside TDS "In this part of TDS, lots of people shaken up but no one hurt. No visible damage anywhere. Had a big aftershock 30 minutes after the first quake. I'm still stuck in Cape Cod in front of Aunt Pegs... We are just waiting outside for further info from CMs. It's currently 3:50pm sun is shining with some clouds, cool weather still.

From another person: "I'm looking at Sendai airport where the terminal looks like it is in the middle of a lake. People all on the roof of the terminal...". Here is a short video of the devastating tsunami in Sendai.

Steve Davison is saying on his Facebook fan page: "Rehearsal for Fantasmic tonight has been canceled due to the earthquakes here in Japan. It was crazy. The team is fine here. A little shaken up but doing fine. The parks have shut down".

Steve Davison posted two Tweeter pics HERE and HERE, the last one showing damages from the quake.

You can see HERE a picture of TDL visitors waiting out their fate after the 8.9 Earthquake. Right now TDL and TDS have been shut down which is probably the best thing to do, knowing that important quake replicas will happen in the next hours.

Those of you who live in countries or islands at risk to be hit by the tsunami in the next hours you can find the "tsunami arrival time" HERE . Just scroll down once on the page.

Update: "TDR Crowds are being properly evacuated. The tsunami only reached the parking lot and has seemed to settle. The park will most certainly be closed for an extended period of time".

Update: "Lots of structural damage in both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Parking lots flooded, can't confirm the carpark was destroyed, No injuries reported. The evac and process has been very organized".

Latest from TDL: The latest twitter reports are saying that people are not allowed to leave Tokyo Disneyland and have to spend night in the park as the main rail line from Tokyo to TDR, Keiyo Line, has been damaged. Picture of people stuck in TDL HERE and HERE. According to a TDL cast member, there is a huge logistics issue at the parks with so many people stuck there with no where to go.

You can watch live video coverage of tsunami hitting japan on HERE.

Today's earthquake is now supposed to have been the strongest earthquake in Japan's history. If you're living in countries that are supposed to be hit by the tsunami be extremely cautious. You can see on the picture below the arrival time of the tsunami wave, depending where you're living. And yes, this also include U.S California coast.

Considering that this is the biggest Japan earthquake in decades, if not in history, there is no doubt that TDR will have to check and test all rides and infrastructures in days to come. I will not be surprised if the parks remain closed during the next days. If you were planning a trip to TDL and TDS this month it might be a good idea - if you can do it - to postpone your trip.

Latest: TDR confirmed that both parks will be closed tomorrow and probably Sunday too. No injuries were reported by TDR management and apparently damages could be minor - although this remains to be confirmed.

More news on Mice chat HERE.


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It's a really sad day for Japan and for Disney

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Hope they recover quickly