Sunday, April 24, 2011

Disneyland Paris Update : Getting ready for DLP 20th Anniversary - Part Two

Here is a new Disneyland Paris update and we'll begin by some pictures of the works on the big World of Disney Store which will open next year for the 20th Anniversary. Located at the entrance of the Disney Village it will hide the Gaumont theatre facade, which is good news. Just like others World of Disney stores guests will find inside all the Disney merchandise they can dream of.

Last month in another DLP update i've told you all about a meeting organized by DLP for the webmasters to keep us informed about what will be done this year to make sure everything will be as beautiful as possible for DLP's 20th Anniversary.

Since then DLP released a short video filmed during this meeting and, surprise, we can see in it some interesting Imagineering documents that we saw during the presentation but couldn't take pictures of. I did some screen captures of the video for you and let's begin by documents related to the renovation of the Molly Brown.

A picture of the always charming Peggie Fariss, now in charge of DLP Imagineering, interviewed by Mathias Dugoujon from DLP web communication, during the inaugural cruise of the new Molly Brown on the Rivers of the Far-West.

As you know Sleeping Beauty Castle is currently being repaint and during the presentation Thomas Bardenat - here on the picture - shows us the color palette of the new colors chosen for the castle. On the picture below you can see behind him some of these colors...

...and below two DLP Imagineers painting the castle model with the new colors.

One very interesting document is linked with the transformations inside Main Street U.S.A Disney & Co shop. As i told you the beautiful band organ currently inside the shop will be send to Florida and placed inside the Story Book Circus area in the new Fantasyland...

...And WDW Imagineering in exchange will provide to DLP some visuals which will be used inside the Disney & Co decor. On the video as they had to fill the whole 16:9 frame the picture is distorted and the visuals don't look like the one we saw. So i photoshopped it and now they look more like the real visuals which are more rectangular than square. They're not perfectly sharp but that's the best i could do!

By the way, these visuals should also interest WDW fans as i'm pretty sure they will be used, too, inside the Story Book Circus area opening in 2012.

I suppose you're dying to see the video, so here it is!

A special bonus with another video as DLP also released a promotional video for the new Disney Magical Moments Festival, including comments of French VIP who were there during the special event.

See you soon for a new update!

Pictures: copyright Disney or Disney and more


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Thanks for the videos!

Any new attractions?

World of Disney is a nice store, but the resort needs much more new attractions.

Anonymous said...

20 ans deja... que ca passe vite !
En tout cas, le parc reste toujours aussi sympa mais je regrette que pour le 20e anniversaire, on aura le droit qu'a un coup de peinture a droite a gauche et qq nouveaux magasins. Pas de nouvelles attractions ???? Au mieux Ratatouille aux Disney Studios pour apres 2012 mais rien depuis au Magic Kingdom, pas de star tours 2, pas de Pirates de Caraibes avec Depp comme en Californie.... quel dommage.

Juanpa said...

20 years, and 17 of them without a new E-ticket ride... Awesome it's still open :-/