Saturday, April 23, 2011

Three more copies of the Disneyland Paris book available !

I've succeeded to find from the publisher three more copies of the now totally out of stock Disneyland Paris book "From sketch to reality". One is the english edition with the english text and have minor scratch on the spine of the cover, no dust jacket, but is perfectly okay inside, and the two others are perfect copies of the french edition with the text in french and include the dust jacket.

The price is 87 Euros + 15 Euros for the english copy and 150 Euros + 15 Euros for the french edition copies. I've spent a big part of the day looking all around the publisher stock and these are now the very last copies he had. If one of you is interested, send me an email at: as it's probably the last chance to get a copy of this great book, so don't miss it!

For more details about the book please look HERE.

EDITED: Sorry, the last english copy is now sold. Only the french copies are still available.

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