Friday, April 8, 2011

Shanghaî Disneyland Groundbreaking Event Video !

Here is a great video showing yesterday's Shanghaî Disneyland groundbreaking event - in english and with french subtitles thanks to Disney Magic Interactive forum. In addition you'll find above the official Shanghaî Disney Resort logo. If you've not read it yet, don't miss my full report about yesterday's event with SDL artwork and pictures HERE.

The next video coming from a chinese TV channel is for my chinese readers. It's all in chinese language with no english subtitles and you'll see also in it some shots of HKDL as well as this SDL map.

SDL video: copyright Disney. Editing and subtitles by Disneymagicinteractive. com

1 comment:

JamesT said...

watching the video of the ceremony couldn't wonder about the end..
a big finish and the biggest thing you could hear was one guy cheering.
I expected a better response from the audience lol