Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Disney and more 4th Anniversary !

We're already April 7th in France and that's the anniversary date of Disney and more. Yes, it's already four years since i did my first post on D&M! Last year, a little bit after the 3rd anniversary i was so tired that i even announced the end of Disney and more but finally D&M is still here, and so am I.

If you're part of the Disney and More faithful readers who were there from the start you know that i generally bring something new each D&M birthday. Last year it was the great Tom Scherman web site and this year i also have something new for you! A new section of D&M is opening today and is all dedicated to an upcoming and highly awaited Disney attraction.

For now, you will find on this new site all the related articles previously posted on D&M but all new articles about this great ride will be posted on this new web site - and don't worry, i'll let you know on D&M when i will do so, so you won't have to check both sites.

I can hear you think "what ride are you talking about, Alain?", so the best is to let you open the door of this new room in the D&M mansion, and it's very easy, all you have to do to discover it is to click HERE.

Thanks again to all of you for your support during these four years!

Alain Littaye


Thomas said...

For a second I thought the site would be about Ratatouille but seeing the logo for the four years made me think about Star Tours...

Anyway, JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE and all my best wishes for this new year and the next ones !

And let's say it again, you're doing such a wonderful/amazing job that I can't thank you enough.
Thank you, thank you, than you !

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Gongratulations Alain for the 4th year of this great blog, and thank you very much for all your effort to bring us these amazing posts!

Tom said...

Happy Birthday, Alain. I´m a big fan of your site and hope it will never ending.

Anonymous said...

Felicitations Alain!
& thanks for the past four years!


Anonymous said...

thanks for a great blog, a daily visit... can't wait for you to tell us about the 20th ann at DLRP. . .

keep up the great site!

Javier Echarri said...

Congratulations Alain,

Thank you for this great job approaching the world and the magic of Disney to all these fans!

Joyeux Anniversaire!


Raoul said...

Congratulations from Belgium Alain!!!

This is a great blog and I look every day to it.

Carsten said...

Congratulations from Denmark.

I've said it before, and now I say it again: It's the best homepage on the internet on Disney parks.

Thank you for bringing us the best articles and pictures / artwork on Disney's theme parks around the world.