Friday, April 22, 2011

New Imagineering Behind the Scenes Video : How the Hitchhiking Ghosts Come to Life at WDW Haunted Mansion

Walt Disney Imagineering just released a new video going behind the scenes at the new and amazing hitchhiking ghosts effect in WDW Haunted Mansion. The effect, now in place since two weeks, is unbelievably cool and all Haunted Mansion's fans around the world will love it.

WDW Magic filmed the new hitchhiking ghosts effect and posted the video two weeks ago. If you've not watched it yet on Youtube here it is below.

I'm sure that DLP fans would love to have the same effect at the end of Phantom Manor and some weeks ago i told you that the park was planning to enhance Phantom Manor effects - and introduce new effects, too, at Big Thunder Mountain. There is little doubt that this new hitchhiking ghosts effect would be part of it. Unfortunately i have bad news for you as the latest news say that both Phantom Manor and BTM new effects are on hold for now and won't be installed for DLP 20th Anniversary. It's a bit a pity as both PM and BTM needs really some enhancements. Let's cross our fingers, may be they will change their mind, they still have time to put these amazing effects in place at the end of Phantom Manor.

Picture: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright Disney and WDW Magic

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Awesome! I love when they update the classic attraction, especially this one!

DLP did not receive the updates on POTC, is not going to receive the updates on Star Tours anytime soon, so I'm not surprised they are not going to receive this one now...