Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disneyland Paris Update !

Here is a new Disneyland Paris update thanks to pictures shot recently by a good friend of mine and we begin by the fountains installation all around Sleeping Beauty castle for the awaited 20th anniversary Disney Dreams! fountain show. Little by little the fountains mechanism are being installed in the castle ditches and, as the show is supposed to have its premiere at the beginning of April or the very last days of March, rehearsals should begin anytime soon. Below, pictures of some of the already installed fountains.

The World of Disney store located at the entrance of the Disney Village area is also part of what will be new at DLP this year. The scaffoldings that were still all around the building last month are down and we can now have a better look at the World of Disney art-deco sculptures and architecture. Note that the art-deco style will fit well with the backside of the Gaumont movie theaters but not the front side which will be partly hidden by the WOD store as you can see on the first picture below.

In the Disneyland Paris park, a small refurbishment can be seen on the Mark Twain - Molly Brown pier in Frontierland...

...but what each DLP fans is waiting for are the beginning of the works on the Ratatouille attraction at the Walt Disney Studios. On a picture shot by Theme Park Zone you can see the area located behind the Costuming building where DLPI Imagineers will build the ride. All trees of the land have been removed so the land is clear and works should begin anytime soon. Talking about its construction it's more official than ever now as we can see on all official notice boards like the one below. But if you have a closer look at it you'll note that is written "construction of an attraction AND a restaurant.." as it is now also official, thanks to a new construction permit, that a restaurant will be build in the Ratatouille area. Its name will be "La Ratatouille" and it's supposed to be a table service restaurant which will be more than logical if they want to stay in the theme of the movie.

Finally, as you might know we're preparing the re-print of the beloved Disneyland Paris book "From Sketch to Reality" - the printing should happen next march - and if you didn't came on Disney and more last week you might have missed a great video showing you each page of the book. You can watch it below and, as it is not too late to place your pre-order and have a 20% discount on the final price, please go HERE to learn how to pre-order and send your payment for a collector's edition copy! Note that the pre-order period will stop in February so don't wait too much to order your collector's copy to make sure you'll get it at the pre-order special price.

Pictures and video: copyright Disney and more, Disney Central Plaza


Carsten said...

Hi Alain.

Do you know when "The World of Disney" store is supposed to open?

Greetings from Denmark

Nine said...

I wonder if any thought has been given to the fountains constantly spraying near the castle eveery evening? As most of the wear and tear around the resort seems to be weather-related water damage (for instance Thunder Mesa) is this going to make it worse?

Brian said...

Great to see so many improvements in Paris the last year! Was there a recent change in management?

Hope for this Ratatouille-project that we can follow the developments. Would be nice if DLP would get a similar weblog as WDW has. They could incorporate the youtube-videos they upload since a few years.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

It all looks great and very promising, just don't understand why don't they call the Restaurant Gusteau's, or why don't they call Cars Land Radiator Springs...

Hope they make a good French Restaurant there.