Saturday, January 28, 2012

Disneyland Paris That Never Was !

As you know we are planning to reprint the great Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book and we are now entering in the production of the book, the printing itself should happen in a few weeks. There is 750 pictures in the book including 250 renderings from Walt Disney Imagineering but those of you who don't already own the book might not know that you'll find also in the book many artworks showing the "Disneyland Paris that never was"! I will show you today some of them, beginning by the one above showing a winter scene of DLP entrance as envisioned by WDI Imagineers.

The next one below is part of the concept-arts for the very first concept of Main street, and we were at two fingers to have at DLP a really different Main Street than the one which exist now. Instead to have a “turn of the century” theming, Eddie Sotto, Main Street show-producer, had designed a Main Street set up at the 1920’s-30’s, at an era which was ruled by gangsters but also the golden era of jazz and cinema, and it would have been a totally different design as you can see on the Colin Campbell artwork below.

Another artwork, this one by Eddie Sotto himself, is showing the elevated tramway concept, going all along Main Street and inside the MS arcades. The idea of the elevated tramway was finally realized at Tokyo Disney Sea in the American Waterfront area.

Always in that 1930’s theming, a luxurious art-deco restaurant - a kind of private“club 33” -located behind the Main Street Transportation Co. building was envisioned and would have give you the feeling that you’re dining on a train.

One of the most amazing concepts for DLP castle was the one looking like a futuristic castle designed by Tim Delaney.

In Adventureland the Temple du Peril had several exciting ideas, unfortunately never realized like the one below...

In Discoveryland Star Tours almost had an AT - T at the entrance instead of the X-Wing fighter...

...but one of the greatest concept ever envisioned for DLP, the one that would have stunned all DLP fans, was the first concept of Space Mountain at that time called Discovery Mountain... which you would have found not only the Space Mountain coaster but also the Nautilus submarine as well as a Journey to the Center of the Earth drop ride - the vulcano that you can see in the background of this Tim Delaney artwork.

Mind you, the DLP concepts that never were were also envisioned for the outside of the park, like this incredible restaurant concept supposed to be build in what is now the Disney Village...

...or this amazing concept for one of the hotels of the park which was designed with the shape of an aircraft carrier by austrian architect Hans Hollein.

There is dozens more of these "DLP that never was" artworks in the Disneyland Paris book, all fascinating, and that's one more good reason to pre-order your collector copy right now, specially considering that during the pre-order period which will end in a few weeks you also have a 20% discount on what will be the final price of the book. I repost below the video showing you each page of the book and to know how to order and send your payment please go HERE. Paypal or bank wire transfer payments are accepted.

Artwork: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Alain Littaye 2012


Anonymous said...

I know Disney likes to "recycle" ideas, and that first piece of concept art reminds me of one of the first Shanghai pieces they released, with the park setting instead of a "Main Street."

Franck said...

The first concept of Main street, with a “turn of the century” theming (the 1920’s-30’s) could be a very good inspiration for the WDS. The golden era of jazz and cinema could be implemented for the future Studios "retheming"