Sunday, January 29, 2012

Disneyland Main Street U.S.A New Music Loop

You may have heard that a new music loop was done for Main Street USA at Disneyland Anaheim and if you wish you can hear the whole new music loop below, thanks to a recording of revelers' apprentice. Among the new music being added you'll hear the theme from Pixar UP! at 7.01 min!

By the way, the picture on the top is coming from the Tours Departing Daily web site where Michaela, Matthew and Kevin are posting daily beautiful HDR pictures of Disneyland and DCA. They're extremely talented and you can find their stunning shots HERE.

Go ahead, click on play and while you listen to this new Main Stree music loop you'll be able to read the others articles on this page, isn't it great?

Main Street, U.S.A. - 2012 Area Music Loop by revelers'apprentice

Picture: copyright Tours Departing Daily

Main Street music loop: copyright Disney


Tom said...

OMG, Pixar is even invading Main Street now :(

Hikari-emiru said...

considering Pixars infiltration, not that bad Though.

Thanks for sharing.


Sammie_Kay said...

Thank you so much for posting the new music. I loved listening to it! It felt like I was really there hearing the guest talk in the background. I loved when the people got excited when they saw Goofy!

James said...

Tom I'm with you, Pixar on Main Street? I there any place in Disney safe from this invasion?

Doug said...

Does anyone know the name of the first song? It's quite infectious.

Doug said...

Scratch my question about the first song -- it's Wells Fargo Wagon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, shut up with the stupid anti-Pixar nonsense, people!!!

Anonymous said...

I also don't see why there's so much hatred for Pixar, if Married Life were from a Disney movie, would the song suddenly be better or worse? Michael Giacchino is an amazing composer, and Up has an academy award winning score.

Anonymous said...

I think it hatred is because of how saturated the parks are with pixar stuff and no focus on disney. Take a look at pixar films.
cars, its own land
bug life, it's own land
toy story, 2 rides
up, a themed area, music on main street
ratatouille had a small area in NOS, nemo has crush and the submarines
Monster inc, a ride

and a whole parade for pixar. out of it's 12 films all are represented somewhere.

Now disney animation last 12 films
maybe some character for meet and greet, not rides or attractions

Anonymous said...

^except WALL-E. I was just there and was looking for it everywhere. Couldnt find anything except merchandising (pins to be exact). Nothing else....yet$!

Maybe thats why they are boarding up Innoventions and Autopia (hopefully Submarines too) as soon as early 2013 and winning all that space back to bring TL back up to date. Pixar will have WALL-E E ticket ride (my personal prediction). And it might even fit well in Tomorrowland with the Envoirnment and Future themes mixed!

Anonymous said...

This music is sooo awesome!!


Would love to download it..pleeaasseee!!