Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Lone Ranger Filming " Almost a Wrap "

It's Jerry Bruckheimer himself who announces it on his blog: The Lone Ranger filming is "almost a wrap", which means that they've almost finished the shooting and that the movie will enter soon in post-production.

However there is another great news as some of The Lone Ranger scenes were filmed recently at the legendary Monument Valley, in Utah. Monument Valley became famous thanks to John Ford who found in love with its gorgeous scenery and filmed there many of his most famous western movies. It's difficult to think about another place more emblematic of westerns than Monument Valley. At the instant you see Monument Valley in a movie it makes you think to cowboys and indians chasing one each other. I love Monument Valley and thinking that scenes of the Lone Ranger were filmed there is one more good reason for me to see the movie when it will be released next year!

Anyone else here loving Monument Valley?

Pictures: copyright Jerry Bruckheimer

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I've never been to monument valley, but it certainly looks great in Western movies!

That's a movie that I'm really looking forward to see. By the way, there are many very promising live action Disney movies on the horizon:
Haunted Mansion
Magic Kingdom