Friday, October 5, 2012

Disney France Christmas Press Kit

A short post to tell you that the Walt Disney Company France released today their press kit for the 2012 Christmas season. It gives news of the Disney events that will happen in France this Christmas ( shows, movies, videos ) as well as merchandise items, but not about Disneyland Paris events as DLP and the WDC France are two different entities. It's all in french and pure communication marketing but those of you who are interested can download it at this link HERE.

Picture: copyright Disney


Parc-O-Rama said...

Not a single page about Disneyland Paris? In a presskit for all things Disney in France? Seriously??

This really speaks for itself : DLP is completely out of the "Disney synergy". Hopefully a bigger financial involvement from the Walt Disney Company in DLP will change that for good. Because this is just ridiculous.

Alain Littaye said...

Parc-O-Rama, it's the Christmas press kit of the WDC France, not DLP. Disneyland Paris and the WDC are two separate entities as you know and each of them are doing their own press release. That said, i agree with you that a bit more of synergy between both wouldn't hurt.

Timekeeper said...

Pourtant le site internet de Disney Store France est en pleine synergie lui.
Rien qu'en ce moment il y a au moins 2 concours qui permettent de gagner des lots en rapport avec les films à venir (Clochette et Ralph), notamment des séances de ciné mais pas n'importe où : à Disneyland Paris.

Il y a quelques mois c'était un concours pour assister au doublage du film sur Clochette. Donc chez Dubbing Brothers, à la limite entre Paris et le 93.
Pourtant c'était une demi-journée combinée avec un jour et demi à Disneyland Paris.

Là il y a bien synergie.

Trésors Disney said...

joli maquette qui résume bien les nouveautés de cette fin d'année