Thursday, October 4, 2012

Disneyland Paris Update : Halloween 2012

After a whole week at Epcot we're back today in Europe, at Disneyland Paris for a great pictorial update of DLP Halloween season!

Good news - very good news in fact - the pumpkin men which appeared each Halloween season since almost ten years are not back this year, and DLP Halloween team came with a new concept which i think is a really good one. This year, some friendly ghosts appeared all along Main Street U.S.A. Their look is not-too-scary and even not scary at all but the genius idea is that the look of each of them is linked to Main Street buildings/shops as the ghosts are supposed to be the one of previous inhabitants/owners of Main Street shops, restaurants, etc... 

For instance you'll find a ghost that looks like a mayor over the City Hall, another one which looks like a cook over Walt's restaurant, others ghosts are those of a marching band orchestra, while another one ( picture below ) looks like a patient just coming out from the dentist office, etc... 

Real good idea, and i think it works well with Main Street theme. So,congrats to those at DLP who came with the idea. What i like too is that, for once, DLP obviously didn't choose the cheap concept. Considering that each ghost is different it means that there have done as many sculptures as there is different ghosts. May be not for all the parts of them but, still, it was done intelligently, just like it should be done. 

Thanks to Max Fan of DLRP Welcome, D&M contributor, i have plenty of great pictures to show you, and in fact this DLP halloween update will be in three parts, this first one being only about Main Street, more coming soon. There we go, an dew begin by the ghosts on Town Square.

Always on Town Square , a new photo location with Goofy and his amazing machine...

Let's have a look at all the others ghosts of Main Street inhabitants, and if you know
DLP i let you find which "ghost" is going with which "shop".

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Pictures and videos: copyright Max Fan - DRLP Welcome

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