Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disneyland Paris / Ratatouille Ride Update

We're back at DLP with a new update and let's start by pictures of the works on the Ratatouille dark ride area. As you will see on the pics below shot by Max Fan from DLRP Welcome and D&M contributor, it's amazing how the construction has gone fast since last week. May be they are running against time to make sure that all the major works are done before the harsh winter months... I have also the feeling that the big white wall that you'll see on the picture below will mark the limit of the ride show building. A themed facade will of course be added later.

Meanwhile, at the Disneyland Park, they are already preparing the castle for the lights of Christmas that will give this unique "frozen" lighting to Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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Pictures: Max Fan - DLRP Welcome

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