Sunday, October 14, 2012

Be Our Guest Restaurant Opens at WDW Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland! - Edited with new WDI Video !

After "Journey of the Little Mermaid" which began its soft opening yesterday, today was the turn of the awaited "Be Our Guest" Restaurant. Although it seems that it's not possible yet to have lunch or dinner inside the restaurant, WDW guests were able to have a walk through visit, and the least we can say is that WDI Imagineers did a superb job. We will have a look at it thanks to the video shot by sfgam2775br, and it's a "night" video which, according to me, is probably the best time during your next visit at WDW New Fantasyland to go inside the restaurant. The picture above, though, was shot by daylight by Cory Disbrow for his Dateline Disney World update on Mice Age last friday, where you will find plenty of others great pics.

Anyone who will enter the Be Our Guest restaurant won't miss on the right this great heraldic hall with standing armors and medieval flags above them...

...and you won't miss too on the left this great mural with the famous rose and Belle and the Beast.

On your way to the ball room you'll notice these impressive statues, apparently supporting a wooden beam above them.

And there it is, the restaurant main room which looks amazing, isn't it, with its huge chandeliers and a painted ceiling.

But there is more to see as behind the high windows that you can see in the back WDI Imagineers placed a giant painting showing the landscape as the Beast would see from its Castle, and all this with a "snow" effect! Yes, behind the windows of this great ball room it is snowing! You might not see it clearly on the picture below but you'll see the effect better in the video.

And, talking about the video from  sfgam2775br, here it is! Enjoy the visit, and welcome at Beast castle!

Edited: WDI just released a 4min long video which will show you more of the Be Our Guest restaurant, with areas that WDW guests couldn't access during the soft opening last week-end. Have a look!

Video: copyright  sfgam2775br whom i thanks a lot!

Top picture: copyright Mice Age - Cory Disbrow

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Hani El-Masri said...

It is really sad to see so much money spent on what is supposed to be 'elegant architecture' and being wasted because of ignorance of Classical Architecture.
I counted 4 (four) different forms of arches in the space, all of them from different styles, one of them actually not even european (Persian, actually).
When I think of all the time we spent, in the old days, understanding the Architectural styles, modules and their historical significance... Oh, well...

SP said...

Like Hani El-Masri, I'm quite bummed out by this supposedly marvelous WDI creation.
It's lacking the mystery of the beast's castle (more walls, doors and corridors ?...) and apparently it will be a fast service type of restaurant ; again lacking class I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm anything but amazed. This was an opportunity to stun guests with a real-life manifestation of the wondrous ballroom inside the Beast's castle. This is exceptionally underwhelming and disappointing. It is a rare occasion when an attraction or themed restaurant looks like WDI gave up. This is one of those occasions.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...are any of you being sarcastic or serious? Just curious. I have to see it in person to make a judgement call. Looks nice to me.

LC said...

Umm....fantasy cartoon world brought to life and WDI violated something by not matching up their arch styles??

I would have never noticed that. Dopey me, I guess I could have accidentally had a good time in here, but now I've been saved from that awful fate.

Scary how close I could have come to enjoying myself at WDW. Thanks!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

That restaurant looks nice, but I must agree that it's not really as impressive as I imagined that it would be.

Just hope to find good French cuisine there, good service and dinning experience, because if the experience is similar to the restaurant inside Cinderella's castle it will be a huge disappointment to me.

Anonymous said...

Having shot the video linked here (thanks for linking by the way) the castle and restaurant are extremely impressive. It makes you feel like you are really walking into Beast's castle. The details are stunning and I expect it to be extremely popular.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

From the video the restaurant looks nice, just the tables are not as elegant as they should be for such a restaurant IMO, but it's not as grand and impressive as the ballroom looks in the animation.

I think that the defining thing for me will be the dinning experience itself; if it's something similar to Club 33 I will love it, but if it's more similar to the castle restaurant it will be a disppointment to me, but that's just me, I agree that it will probably be a hit with Little girls regardless of the food.