Wednesday, October 3, 2012

EPCOT 30TH ANNIVERSARY - a special celebration - World Showcase original artwork

This is the last article in tribute to Epcot 30th Ann and about Epcot's original artwork, and we will have a look today to the artwork for World Showcase, beginning by the one above of the Mexican pavilion.

The next one below is about the China pavilion.

Let's have a look to the Germany pavilion with these two renderings

A small one about the facade of American Adventure

Let's travel to Japan with this rendering of the Japan pavilion

Here is the one about France

And three renderings about the United Kingdom area

Now, as you know, other countries were envisioned but not built. Here is a concept-art of a Swiss pavilion, with the famous Matterhorn.

An Equatorial Africa area was also envisioned. Below two of the renderings, and you can know more about it in the Jeff Lange aticle HERE

Russia would have been beautiful, with the onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral, and two great attractions, a theatrical one with Audio-animatronics, and a ride that Jim Hill described well in his article HERE

Hope you enjoyed this series of Epcot articles and tomorrow i will back to fresh news about Disney theme parks with some about Disneyland Paris!

All artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises Inc


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The Eiffel tower in the French pavilion looks really cheap. As far as replicas goes, the one in Vegas is the nicest.

By the way, it's amazing that the Soviet Union considered doing a pavilion in EPCOT!

WesAlex said...

The World Showcase needs to have three additions - Russia, Australia and Brazil.

danielz6 said...

Isn't the American pavillion redundant with liberty square in magic kingdom? Why not just build the American experience attraction in MK and put a new country in that pavillion? Russia would be great. Its exotic to most Americans and a very unique culture. Maybe an attraction about ww2? Ok that might be too extreme for disney but hey, its a "hard fact" that made america (and the world) and i recall thats one of the things disneyland was dedicated to by Walt himself! Russia was the most affected country/empire after Germany of course with the most casualties by far. Germany could not be defeated by the US without Russia's help after all, and vice versa. A fact that most Americans are sadly oblivious to and don't know Russian history past the cold war. Russian contribution to mathematics, physics, cosmology, aeronautics could be taught and fit quite well with epcots theme.

Trésors Disney said...

Happy birthday Epcot !