Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Universal Singapore Sesame Street Ride is Called "Spaghetti Space Chase" , Opening Soon !

Universal Singapore revealed the marquee of the awaited Sesame Street ride, and it's called  "Spaghetti Space Race" as you can see on the picture below. 

Although still not official it is now confirmed that it will be a suspended dark ride - like E.T Adventure or Peter Pan's Flight - and it's interesting to note that, previously, when USS was still in construction they envisioned to put the E.T ride in the building where this Sesame Street ride will open.

Also, one of my USS sources saw recently one of the ride vehicles (but unfortunately didn't had his camera with him that day) and apparently it looks definitely like a E.T vehicle, a bit smaller and may be with bicycles on it, but not 100% sure. In addition to the marquee photo USS also released a "Breaking News" video which will tell you more about the ride story line, an all new Sesame Street story. 

As you probably already understood, it's all about missing spaghettis which all disappeared from Earth, stolen by Macaroni the Mercyless and his sidekicks Shredder and Zester. Guests are invited to join Grover and Elmo to help them to rescue all the spaghettis from the hands of Macaroni the Mercyless! Gee, what a story!

Now, when the ride will open? Well, you may remember my previous article posted August 17 showing you the giant mural which was hiding the works and the entrance...

If you remember it well the mural included many clues, and on most of them a date was printed "Sunday, October 21 2012" (see picture below). October 21 is in two weeks from now and you may doubt that they will be ready for an opening on that date, or, if it really opens on the 21, that they didn't announced it yet officially. But Universal Singapore always announced the opening date almost at the last minute, i.e generally just one week before. Anyway, Oct 21 is just in 14 days and we should know very quickly the truth about this date, but what i can tell you is that my USS sources told me that they are working at "full steam" on the ride and it's pretty sure that "Spaghetti Space Race" should have its soft openings very soon... and of course i will let you know. 

Edited: Luke, webmaster of Luke and the Temple of Fun, saw the ride vehicle recently and shot this picture. You can't see how the seats are but the pic confirmed that it is for sure a suspended dark ride. Also, note around the "eyes" the large circles which might be lights that eventually will be used during the ride to light some of the scenes...

Picture and video: copyright Universal Studio Singapore, Disney and more


Luke said...

I just saw it today!
It is exciting that the ride may be ready soon!
I have always loved the suspended ride vehicle!

Peep said...

I actually love the story for this attraction, sounds really fun and different. I'm very intrigued about this ride as this is the first I've heard about it (I must have missed your previous posts about it).