Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is " Angry Birds Star Wars " - Released Today on the App Store - the First Effect of the Disney - Lucasfilm Deal ?

It's probably difficult to find someone who never heard about the immensely popular Angry Birds mobile game. The different versions of the game are sold both on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market Store and have been downloaded hundred millions times. And TODAY  Rovio, the game publisher, release the latest version, and it's called Angry Birds Star Wars!

The game was of course designed with Lucas Arts and let me tell you that this one will be hugely popular as it looks more fun than ever with this star Wars theme. The principle - you catapult "angry" birds to destroy the "houses" of the pigs - remain the same but this time the birds looks like famous Star Wars "rebels" characters - from Chewbacca to Princess Leia and of course C3PO and R2D2 - and the pigs of course looks like "Empire" characters - Darth Vader, Storm troopers, and more.

So, is this "Angry Birds Star Wars" the first effect of the Disney - Lucasfilm deal? No, it's not, the deal between Rovio and Lucas Arts to create this mobile game was done months ago but Disney can be happy as for sure Lucasfilm will make millions of dollars with this "Angry Birds Star Wars". As you may be interested to have a look at it, here is the trailer and below others short trailers introducing the different  angry-birds-star-wars characters. The game will be released later today on both Apple and Android App Stores !

Picture and videos: copyright Rovio Mobile

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