Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shanghaî Disneyland Will Use Shanghaî World Expo 2010 Technologies

Jin Tao, an official of the Shanghai Shendi Co - the official company for SDL - revealed yesterday at an international digital media technology forum in Shanghaî that Shanghaî Disneyland will adopt some of the technologies shown at Shanghaî World Expo 2010! And RFID technology will also be used at SDL:

"Technologies shown at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai will be used in the city's Disneyland theme park, officials told an international digital media technology forum in the city yesterday. Disneyland, which is now under construction and will be finished in 2015, will have typical American features along with local characteristics, said officials from Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co, which represents the Shanghai government's stake in the project.
The technology used in the dynamic version of the famous painting "Along the River during the Qingming Festival" in the China Pavilion will be used at Disneyland. Featuring multimedia technology, the dynamic picture features moving figures and was one of the most popular exhibits at the Expo. "The technology has really improved since then and the display will be more eye-catching and exciting at Disneyland," said Jin Tao, a Shendi official.
LED lights will also be used extensively in the house the mouse built ( NDR: in the park ). Radio Frequency Identification technology, or RFID, used for Expo tickets and the online Expo will also be adopted. A cell phone payment system is also expected to be introduced for purchases made at the Disneyland theme park."
At EXPO 2010 the digital tapestry was created by Crystal CG for the Chinese Pavilion and was a 130-meter long, 6.3-meter high animated digital mural, which is pretty impressive. The same people were also responsible for the digital scroll seen in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Now, this "chinese dynamic painting" itself won't probably be part of SDL but, as far as i've understood the statement of Shendi officials, the same technology will be used in the park. As you may wonder what is this technology and how it looked at Expo 2010 for the "dynamic version" of the chinese famous painting i found for you on Youtube two videos which will tell - and show - you more about it.

As you've seen the technology, well used, can be pretty magical and there is no doubt that WDI can create something amazing with a Disney touch, by using the same technology.
Will the technology be used in SDL Fantasyland or Tomorrowland? Or inside the castle? I'm afraid we'll have to wait Shanghaî Disneyland opening in 2015 to have the answer!


Luke said...

Well That is a surprising announcement!
Although I live near Shanghai, I did not visit the Expo in 2008 but my friends have been telling me about this digital mural.

Now when I think about this, I suspect that the technology could work well with the rumored soaring attraction or it can be used to present the digital world of TRON coaster...
Or it can be integrated into the queue area..
There are certainly possibilities!

Anonymous said...

As very interesting as this “moving mural” is. I don’t see the technology advance in it? Is in not a projection of an imagine on a screen? This image just happens to be be a digital recreation of a famous historical mural with moving figures.

I don’t think it really is an advance in technology. Instead we are just becoming more creative in the way were using this one technology. i.e. projection shows at paris, disneyland, wdw, and wizarding world with their moving portraits.