Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Giant Disneyland Paris Pictorial Update !

You enjoyed the pictures of DLP under snow last week? You will love this new pictorial update with dozens of great pictures from Max Fan, D&M contributor and webmaster of Dlrp Welcome!

There we go starting by the entrance of DLP Magic Kingdom. As you'll see Main Street is the area where there is the less snow as DLP staff has removed the snow on all walkways for obvious safety reasons. Also, not a lot of people in the park on that day but considering the harsh weather it's no big surprise.

Let's move to Frontierland where there was much more snow!

Next stop, a frozen Adventureland!

Let's move to Fantasyland where the snow fits well with the medieval roofs!

Max also have some great shots of Discoveryland!

Let's all thanks Max for these great pictures which i'm sure you enjoyed a lot!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome

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