Monday, January 28, 2013

Disneyland Fantasy Faire Update - Artwork and Video

As you probably know the next big thing to open in a Disney theme park will be Fantasy Faire at Disneyland Anaheim, scheduled to open anytime soon, probably in March. The exhibit at DCA's Blue Sky Cellar was changed 10 days ago and now display some great Fantasy Faire artwork. But, as usual, there is also a specially made WDI video in which WDI Imagineers presents the project, and ThomasTheImagineer ( it's his Youtube name, it doesn't mean he's a real imagineer ) uploaded on youtube a great video in which you'll be able to see the full WDI video that normally only DCA Blue Sky Cellar guests can see when they visit the exhibit.

I let you have a look at it and then we'll talk about the artwork and also about a new audio-animatronic figure specially created for Fantasy Faire!


Let's have a closer look now at a selection of the artworks displayed in the exhibit, thanks to pictures shot by Andy Castro from Mice Chat and the first one below is both in its b&w and color version.

As i told you a new audio-animatronic character will find a home in the medieval set of Fantasy Faire, and it's Figaro the lovely little cat from Pinnochio who will "play" in a friendly way with a bird in a cage. Below, the renderings related to the two characters which also detail what will be the animation for both of them.

I'd like to thanks again Andy Castro for his great pictures and remind you that you can see even more pics of the Fantasy Faire exhibit in its Mice Chat article HERE!

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Pictures: copyright Andy Castro - Mice Chat

Artwork: copyright Disney

Video: copyright ThimasTheImagineer


Jake said...

Oh wow. I was wrong to doubt this concept. I feel like it is going to look great once it's completed!

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I wish that they had kept the Carnation Plaza gardens and I don't think that Disneyland needs more princess stuff, but the renderings don't look bad, and I'm really glad that they are going to build the two new audio animatronics characters!

mark taft said...

I noticed the cave and rockwork. Obviously, that has been cut. Remnants of the once planned dragon under the castle?