Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is a Star Wars Land Coming to Disneyland Resort ?

It seems that Lance Hart from Screamscape is not the only one thinking that Disney might build a Star Wars Land, and not only at Disneyland Paris but also at the Disney Hollywood Studios AND at the Disneyland Resort as recently Disney Parks did a survey asking Disneyland passholders some very specific questions that obviously they wouldn't ask if they had no reasons to -  i mean, if there was nothing "behind" the questions. 

The first one was: " How interested would you be in visiting a Star Wars themed land at the Disneyland Resort?"

It's difficult to ask a more direct question and you'll note that the question is related to the Disneyland Resort - not about Disney Hollywood Studios at WDW where, as you've seen in my previous article, we think they also have some plans there for a Star Wars land.

The second question was: "Which Star Wars characters would you definitely NOT want to see or meet in person?"

If we except this poor Jar Jar Binks, is there really any other one?

And the third question was: "How familiar are you with the Star Wars universe? By"Star Wars universe", we mean the people, places  and stories in the Star Wars movies, books and games?"

Hey, you never know, may be there is still some people in South Cal who have never ever heard about Star Wars during the last thirty years?

Note that others questions that i don't know might have been asked but apparently there was also questions about "which trilogy you prefer, the classic trilogy or the prequels", "what places would you like to visit in the SW universe", etc...

So, what all of this means? Well, it means at minima that Disney is seriously thinking about building a Star Wars land at the Disneyland Resort, but this, you already have understood it. However, this doesn't mean that a Star Wars land will come necessarily at Disneyland Tomorrowland - even if there is rumors saying that it will - as Disney could have in project a third park that we don't know about - even if we suspect them to have this project (!) So far it seems that a Star Wars land is definitely in project and i'll let you know if i have more news!

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Very interesting!

It's nice to know that Disney is asking some of it's more faithful public, the annual passholders. Nevertheless I think that they should also have asked DVC members; I'm a DVC member and, even though my home Resort is the Grand Californian, I didn't receive any questionnaire.

The question of "Which Star Wars characters would you definitely NOT want to see or meet in person?" is really funny, isn't it? And I'm almost sure that Jar Jar won this one with 99% of the votes.

Just a small observation (not that it really matters), but "How familiar are you with the Star Wars universe?" was probably the first question and there was probably more four or five questions.