Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Lion King and Brave Sequences Added to DLP Disney Dreams Show - Videos

That's it, Disneyland Paris press event for the new season happened yesterday and from now the two new Lion King and Brave sequences are part of the Disney Dreams show - the Mary Poppins sequence is gone forever. Here is a first video of the Lion King scene...

...and here is the video of the Pixar Brave sequence.

So, what do you think of these new additions to the acclaimed Disney Dreams show?

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Videos: copyright Ornéla Mpasi


Jones said...

I´m not the world´s greatest fan of projetion shows, and I have to admit that I was not overwhelmed by the "first version" (without these 2 scenes) of Dreams - but these new scenes are breathtaking, completely amazing. (Part of the secret is the music - shows like Dreams live or die with their music).

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Awesome! An improvement to a great show.