Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disneyland Paris Update : Big Thunder Mountain Trains Rumor, and more

Here is the part two of my Disneyland Paris update and this time we will have a look at DLP Magic kingdom thanks to pictures from Max Fan, D&M contributor and Dlrp Welcome webmaster.

As we can see in these first pictures, and although the day Max shot the pictures was a bit cloudy,  spring and flowers finally arrived at DLP!

Let's move in Main Street towards Discoveryland...

...where rocks of the entrance are really not in good condition...

...and need some restoration, but for now they are just hidden by a wall of plants.

We're now in the back of Discoveryland and here are the three locations that shouldn't look the same in two or three years when the expected Star Wars land will be built... once the park will have found the money!

The Captain EO Theater will be transformed - in a Jedi Academy?...

...and the Pizza Planet will disappear and instead the famous Star Wars Cantina restaurant will be build, probably at the same location.

Let's move to Fantasyland and Casey Jr where after several months with the two Casey Jr trains missing their last wagon, only one train still miss it.



In Adventureland, the Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost is currently closed for refurbishment...

Right in front of it, though, the works are almost over on the "cool post" and the ATM location.

In Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain is on maintenance until June 14, in addition to the new disabled guests access currently built. That, if i can say, is for the GOOD news, as there might be a real bad one: a quite strong rumor is saying that DLP might take out the locomotives currently at the front of each BTM trains to replace them by a single wagon, like the trains have, for instance, at HKDL Grizzly Mountain ride where trains don't have locomotives in the front. First, yes, the rumor is true and they really thought about doing this but the good news is that the idea has apparently been cancelled and BTM trains will keep their locomotives, thanks God!

But why would they do this theming sacrilege, you ask? Well, the first thing that we can think of is that having a new wagon would add 6 more people for each train, and so increase the ride capacity... but in fact DLP was not thinking to do it to increase trains capacity but to keep capacity almost the same with fewer trains. There are so many breakdowns caused by slow loading or unloading that they want to increase the distance between trains. So, in this case there’d be a maximum of 4 instead of 5 trains on the track. Right now they are studying some different proposals to increase each train’s capacity while keeping the engine at the front, and we'll see if any changes happen.

And that's all for today's DLP update! 

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome

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Jones said...

Removing the locomotives? Has the entire world gone crazy? That´s got to be the most stupid idea I have heard in a very long time. Some people think that there is no such thing as a bad idea/proposal - here´s proof that they are severely wrong...