Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Disneyland Paris : A B&W Photo Essay By Walter Elias Teddy

Summer finally arrived in France and at Disneyland Paris and, at last, heat is here. Temperatures were around 28 degrees today but it has been cold during so many months that a bit of heat is very welcome indeed. So, it's time to have something refreshing and this black and white photo essay sent to me by Clement - aka Walter Elias Teddy - a Disney and more faithful reader, with pictures shot at DLP during a snowy winter will be perfect to refresh the atmosphere!

Most of the pictures were shot at Frontierland and Main Street U.S.A as you will see, and
two of them at the WDS. Clement also shot color pictures which i will post in a part two, coming soon!

Again, thanks a lot to Clement and see you soon for the second part all in color!

Pictures: copyright Walter Elias Teddy


Vivie :D said...

Hi, I'm the girl waiting and frozing to death on the picture in front of the Keelboats... :) You're the first person except myself whose has taken a good photo of me :) Thanks

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Amazing pictures, thanks!