Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Disneyland 58th Anniversary Tribute !

It's Disneyland 58th Anniversary today and Disney's first Magic Kingdom has gone a looong way since its opening in 1955. But how did it all began? Sure, it began with Walt showing to the world these famous renderings - picture above - but we will also have a look today at the building of Disneyland with great construction pictures.

The first picture below shows Walt on site probably in early construction days.

Below,  a series of pictures showing the construction of Disneyland's City Hall and Main Street U.S.A.

Hey, some celebrities came on the construction site, too. Below Fess Parker - aka Davy Crockett himself!

Walt supervising the building of  Frontierland Fort to make sure everything is done well.

Imagineer and horticulturist Bill Evans is the one who created the lush jungle of the Jungle Cruise...

...While at Burbank Chris Mueler did some huge clay models that will serve for the final creation of the Jungle Cruise african elephants.

A few weeks before opening day it was time to install the Jungle Cruise hippos! ( Picture above and below thanks to Davelandblog )

Here is a series of pictures showing the construction of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

In Fantasyland, the construction of the carousel just start...

...while Walt is having a last look at Peter Pan's Flight vehicle.

Here comes the Tomorrowland "TWA" rocket!

Almost ready for opening day...

And then, when everything was set for grand opening it was time to shot what became probably the most famous picture of Walt!

All photos: copyright Disney.


South Africa News Online said...

The picture story is very interesting. We can find a lesson from this, that lesson is to hard work and determination.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Nice pictures!

Thanks Alain!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing.