Friday, July 12, 2013

Disney's Frozen Main Characters

Little by little Disney released more visuals about the upcoming animated movie "Frozen". After the first trailer, here are Frozen main characters!

If you've not seen yet the trailer,  here is the first one, in its french version.

Pictures and video: copyright Disney


Ju-osh said...

I;m trying to remain positive. I'm trying to stay excited. But these character stills look the box art on some straight-to-DVD Walmart release meant to capitalize on the release of Tangled.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is good - maybe I'm judging prematurely, but Elsa looks like a cross between Tinker Bell and Rapunzel, the reindeer looks like the moose from Brother Bear (not a good sign IMO), Hans looks like Flynn Rider, and his horse a direct copy of Maximus.

Ben Churchill said...

I still want to see this, but the names sure are generic aren't they? Or at least, very stereotypical names. Also...that horse looks so much like Maximus, but brown.

Anonymous said...

ugly ! Looks really cheap