Saturday, July 13, 2013

TDL Announces Major Enhancements for Tokyo Disneyland Jungle Cruise

Here is an interesting news for our friends from Japan! As Oriental Land announced today that TDL Jungle Cruise will be enhanced at Tokyo Disneyland for a cost of $16 million. The beloved attraction will close on January 6, 2014 and reopen fall 2014 with new effects as well as new show effects, a musical score, and a special nighttime version!

Inside the Magic add: "In addition, a specially written musical soundtrack will be heard throughout the attraction for the first time in any Jungle Cruise ride worldwide. An after-dark only “night cruise” will provide a unique take on the jungle adventure.

New to the attraction will be a startling encounter with one of the “animal spirit guardians” in the ruins of a lost jungle temple".

Great news, i just hope that the music score will fit well with the ride...

Picture: copyright Disney


Tom said...

Waw, that's cool. I thought this Jungle Cruise was the best, only because I didn't understand the jokes, as I really don't like the "fake" American humor in the other 2.

I haven't been on the one in HKDL (I booked my flight this week, yay), but that one must be really good.

Maybe the scene in the temple will resemble the Hong Kong version? I don't know what happens there, but I have been told it is good.

Anyone who has been on the HKDL version?

This sounds really great, music and a night time version, very clever! Nice how they may make this "dull" (to me) attraction a "must see" with enhancements.

Thanks for the update!

Permanecer sentados, por favor... said...

Sounds beautiful. I hope I can check it someday.