Thursday, January 30, 2014

Disneyland Paris and WDS Ratatouille Ride Update

A short update today with the latest news and pics from DLP Disneyland Park and WDS Ratatouille site thanks to Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. But, first, an important news as it seems that the highly awaited opening date for the Ratatouille ride seems to be scheduled for the end of June. I'll keep you updated on the final date when it will be known for sure.

In the meantime DLP slowly but surely has started its communication and recently these pictures of Remi with world famous chef Paul Bocuse appeared in french magazines to announce the ride at the WDS.

Talking about the Ratatouille ride, let's have a look at the latest pics from the construction site and a close-up on the fountain still in the works.

From Toy Story Playland nearby guests can see these scaffoldings placed on a facade but they will be covered soon with cement and a beige color.

Let's move to Disneyland park with pictures of the Disney Magic on Parade and the new Frozen float. Parade floats will be removed one after another these coming days to install new security harness but they all will be back very soon. Right now the opening float is missing and it's the three fairies, Cinderella Godmother and Merlin who open the parade.

And here comes the new Frozen float!...

...and Mickey and the gang at the end of the parade.

You can find a longer version of this update on Max website HERE.

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Fiyero said...

I was there last week and noticed the new Frozen float, which one is missing?