Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Amazing Peter Pan 10 Min Short Movie !

I've got a special treat for you today - like every day i should say!  - with ten minutes of a Peter Pan short movie! Called "Peter" this one is inspired by a famous french graphic novel from artist Régis Loisel and it's a darker vision of the Peter Pan story.

Here is more about the story line from Director Nicolas Duval:

"This short film presents the first striking stages of Regis Loisel’ s work ‘Peter Pan’ where he puts forward his dark vision of the world in the way of a fairy tale for adults. The film displays Peter as a child, years before Sir James Matthew Barrie’s one. We all know that Peter Pan is an eternal child who hates adults and whose sworn enemy is captain Crochet. But how did he come to this ? London in 1887 hunger coldness and poverty provide the setting.

Brought up by a tyrannical and alcoholic mother Peter finds his salute only in the dreams and tales which free his imagination. One night, after a violent quarrel with his mother he takes refuge on the docks. There a small and attractive fairy who needs help will take him to the imaginary country.

Thus begins the fabulous story of Peter a child from the poor area of White-Chapel who will later become Peter Pan. He will have to face the awful captain Hook in an everlasting fight for the treasure and survival of the island."

Personally, i think that, visually speaking, they did a real good job. Also, the short is in french language with english subtitles. I'm not totally convinced by others points like the dialogs and think they should have filmed it in english with english actors, but that's just my opinion, so i let you be the judge! 

Picture and video: copyright Nicolas Duval

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Bruce Roberts said...

I read the graphic novel this is based on and loved it's darker side. Do you know if this will be released in the U.S.? I would hope it will be.