Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tim Delaney Tribute - Mice Chat Event February 8 !

The great WDI Imagineer Tim Delaney who was Disneyland Paris Discoveryland show producer will be part of the next Mice Chat event happening February 8 at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney, Anaheim!

Tim will have fantastic stories for those who will attend the Mice Chat event with an audio-visual presentation and Tim will also sign copies of my Disneyland Paris "From Sketch to Reality" book which will be available for purchase at the end of Tim 90 minutes presentation. This will be the very first time that a Disneyland Paris Imagineer Show Producer will sign the book so if you live in South Cal you probably don't want to miss this event! Limited seats are available so make sure to do your registration today at the link HERE where you can also pre-order a copy of the DLP book to make sure you'll have a copy waiting for you at the event.  

During his career at Walt Disney Imagineering Tim was not only a fantastic show-producer of memorable attractions but also created gorgeous artworks and i did for you a selection of my favorites. 

One of Tim first achievement was Epcot Living Seas in its first - and unfortunately now extinct version. Here are some great artworks that Tim did and these are enhanced versions of scans previously posted in my Epcot Living Seas article that you can read HERE.

Of course, Tim biggest achievement was Disneyland Paris Discoveryland , a true wonder and probably the best version ever of a "Tomorrowland".

A Star Wars land will come in a near future at DL and DHS but Tim, back in the 1990's imagined what was at that time the first vision of a Star Wars land in which Space Mountain's was dome looking like the Death Star!

A few years later, Tim did a fantastic work as show-producer on Disney's California Adventure's Paradise Pier...

...before designing a new version of Tomorrowland for Hong Kong Disneyland. 

In the part two of this Tim Delaney tribute, to be post next week, we will have an extended view of Tim Delaney's artwork for Hong Kong Disneyland along with an exclusive interview of Tim, so don't miss the part two article!

At the Mice Chat event, on February 8, Tim will talk about his work in an audio-visual presentation which for sure will be great as Tim is a great show-man, too! So, those of you who live near Disneyland or travelling to South Cal on that date, make sure to attend the Mice Chat event and to make your reservation HERE while there is still seats available. At the same link you can also reserve your own copy of the Disneyland Paris book which will be waiting for you at the event!

Pictures: copyright Disney

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mr.Lime said...

I never understood why WDI never asked Tim's advice when DLP decided to turn Le Visionarium into Buzz. I think he might have had some great visions on how to putt the Buzz-building in Discoveryland without making it look like a "plastic fantastic" make-over that is simply totally out of theme.

Even if the design on the inside of the Buzz-attraction had stayed completely the same as it is now, Tim could have given some great advice for the outside of the building. In that case, at least the outside look of this Toon-attraction would fit in with the rest of the land. A missed opportunity for DLP.