Friday, October 24, 2014

Comcast's Profit Jumped 50 Percent to $2.6 BILLION Thanks to Universal Studios Parks

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Universal Orlando's new Harry Potter land sent Comcast Corp.'s third-quarter theme-park revenue soaring 18.7 percent compared with the previous year, the company said in an earnings report Thursday. Overall, Comcast's profit jumped 50 percent to $2.6 BILLION!!

And the party is not over yet for Comcast with new attractions coming soon at Orlando ( the long rumored King Kong Skull Island at IOA ), the WWOHP at Universal Hollywood and a new Loews luxury hotel, the Sapphire Falls Resort - renderings above and below - that will open in summer 2016 and will be Universal Orlando's fifth hotel. No need to say that you can expect all these to raise Comcast profits.

Artwork: copyright Universal Studios

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Anonymous said...

Fact Check:

Comcast recorded a one time tax settlement of $724M. Remove the one time, per GAAP, and the quarterly number reflects a 12.3% increase.

Theme parks revenue increased 18.7% and operating cash flow increased 16.9%.