Sunday, June 14, 2015

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Shows and Parades HD Videos !

Max, from DLPWelcome and D&M contributor is back from his trip to Disneyland California where he filmed plenty of HD videos, and today we'll have a selection of all the videos linked to Disneyland 60th Anniversary shows and parades!

Let's start by the new Paint the Night Parade that Max has filmed from two different stand point, this first one showing it from DL Central Plaza.

And this second one shows the parade as seen from Town Square.

Next is a video of the new and great Disneyland Forever fireworks and night time spectacular.

This next video will show you the new World of Color - Celebrate! at Disney California Adventure.

Last but not least this last video from Max will show you the Mickey's Soundsational Parade filmed from the VIP zone at Disneyland Town Square.

All videos : copyright Max Fan - DLP Welcome

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