Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fast and Furious Supercharged Debut as Universal Hollywood Studios Tour Grand Finale

Fast and Furious Supercharged, the new and awaited Universal Hollywood Studios Tour Grand Finale had its preview this week-end, and here below is the video of the full ride filmed in HD by SoCal Attractions 360!

The most important thing to remember to dont be disappointed, as remind us Mice Age in their article HERE, is that it's not a ride and never intended to be one, even if Universal marketing try to sell it like a ride. But it's certainly the best finale that USH Studio Tour ever had. Personally, i think there is a good mix of real props, special effects, 3D projection and pepper ghost effects and i'm pretty sure it looks much better when you're inside the tram experiencing all the "physical effects".  The action don't seem too to go as "fast" as i thought but, here too, the sensation of speed is probably different when you're inside the tram. The acting, though, during the few minutes before the launch of the "fast and furious" sequence looks terrible, i'm sorry to say. But may be it's not a surprise. Here the actor are filmed without any cut, or close shot and without editing and i've always suspected - right or wrong - that some actors are not necessarily good actors, but the way they are filmed and the fast editing makes them look good, if you see what i mean... Last but not least, i wish the "fast and furious " part would have been one or two minute longer but just like it is the whole experience already last for six minutes. 

Go ahead, watch the video - if you don't mind of spoilers, of course - and let us know whet you think!

Video : copyright Universal and SoCal Attractions 360

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