Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hong Kong Disneyland Golden Mickeys Show Had Its Final Performance Today !

The Golden Mickeys show had its last performance today at Hong Kong Disneyland It was a real good show, the kind of "real good show" that we'll be happy to have at Disneyland Paris! A special last performance event was attended by hundred of fans.

It was really a great show which will be dearly missed by all HKDL fans...

...and thanks to Youtuber raymond lo we have the video of the final show ending and check at the end how some of the characters celebrated this final show!

And for those of you who never had the luck to see at HKDL The Golden Mickeys show here is a HD video showing the full show. Watch it in HD 1080p and full screen mode!

Thanks to This is Mr B for the pictures!

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