Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shanghaî Disneyland Update : New Pictures and Video !

We're back at Shanghaî today for a new update on Shanghaî Disneyland! With almost everything about the park and resort announced by Bob Iger two weeks ago there's not a lot more to learn right now, but there is still more to see thanks to a Chinese TV report which include some interesting shots. Some of them were filmed one or two months ago but that's not the problem when they show any part of the park we've not seen before.

We'll start by interesting shots of the SDL model filmed when Iger did its announcement and this first one on the top shows the park entrance. On the one below you can see the entrance of Disney Town -  the park entrance is in the background on the top right -  and the big structure in the foreground is most probably the World of Disney store.

Next is an interesting shot showing the Journey to the Crystal Grotto boat ride model with SDL castle in the background.

And this last one shows Roaring Rapids, the loading area in the foreground, with Camp Discovery in the background, on the right.

Time now to have a look at pictures of the park, starting with these shots of the works on SDL Castle.

This next picture shows SDL castle in the background with Tomorrowland elevated walkways in the foreground.

Next pictures are close shots on the Roaring Rapids mountain with workers working on it. All these screen captures are not very sharp but the original video was in low-res and, after enhancement, this is the best we can get.

The next picture shows something more difficult to guess but i think it's Shipwreck Shore in Treasure Cove - you can guess the wrecked ship...

Another ship - may be the same one? - in Treasure Cove.

SDL Pirates of Caribbean fortress and the ride show building in Treasure Cove, seen more or less from behind.

The last three pictures show the same building. The question is: which one? It could be El Teatro Fandango where will take place the Pirates stunt show... but the red color of the structure as well as the art-deco design on the top makes me think that it could be the Walt Disney Grand Theater in Disney Town. The bets are open!

All-right, as i'm sure you want to see the video from which i did these screen shots, here it is, and see you soon for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update!

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Anonymous said...

Definately the Walt Disney Theater, as confirmed in the first second on the model video.