Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shanghaî Disneyland Pirates of Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure Update

Here is a short Shanghaî Disneyland update as new pictures linked to the Pirates of Caribbean " Battle for the Sunken Treasure" ride appeared on the web, and these three pictures are showing both the two pirate ships decor as well as the Imagineers crew who are building the ride!

The first picture above shows clearly the two pirate ships ready for battle and guests in the ride boat will move right between the two galions so SDL guests will have the feeling to be caught "under fire" from these two ships. Also note that water is now present. Talking about the ride boat, the next picture below is the very first one showing it - here with the WDI crew standing on it. Now, as you can see the boat doesn't look at all like the usual POTC boats and this might confirm that they'll use a new technology allowing the boat to turn left or right to be right in front of some scenes if needed. The picture is not sharp because the original pic that i've found was in really small size and i didn't succeeded to find the source and get it in bigger size. So, i've upscaled the picture a bit so you can see the boat a bit more clearly, if i can say.

This last picture showing all the SDL POTC Imagineers crew standing between the two ships is also interesting as if you look behind them you'll see that the track is turning left, which seems to confirm that the boat will move inside the pirate ship on the left.

I'll have more about SDL Treasure Cove for you very soon, so make sure to check D&M each day!

Pictures : copyright Disney - Shendi


Mel Gough said...

The final picture clearly shows the track splits with a set of points into two at the top. the front of the boat will travel on one set of tracks while the back of the boat travels on the other set. This confirms the boats will travel "sideways" and could travel backwards if they make the back of the boat travel faster than the back. You will enter the pirate ship on the right in this manner.

K. Martinez said...

This is some great stuff here. Can't wait as more of it unfolds. thanks, Alain.

@Mel Gough-thanks for the insight into the track splits and the boats traveling "sideways". Very cool.