Friday, November 13, 2015

Horror in Paris

A series of terrorists attacks happened in Paris tonight, leaving at least 120 people dead and probably dozens of people wounded. Attacks happened in different places almost simultaneously and it’s a horror. President François Hollande declared the emergency state all over France and borders are closed. It’s an unprecedented and the worst terrorist attacks that ever happened in France. These attacks are most probably coming from the Islamic state and jihadists who went in Syria / Iraq and came back to France. What was feared happened and the days and weeks to come are not at all going to be happy in France as the nation will mourn the victims and it will take time for the country to recover. Terrorism won’t win and democracy will prevail, there is no doubt about that, but in the meantime, fear will also prevail before anger comes in. Which is exactly what the terrorists - who are there to spread terror - are looking for.

Disney and more is not really the place to debate about this insane terrorist problem and its roots - French excellent newspaper Le Monde posted yesterday one of the best article i’ve ever read about this - but i just would like to say this: before being terrorists, before being murderers, monsters, etc…, the terrorists who did this carnage this evening in Paris are before anything completely dumbs, unbelievably stupids. They don’t know anything about what life is made of, and they probably will never know. Now, put a Kalashnikov in the hands of someone completely dumb and frustrated with his life, add on it some crazy ideology and here is what you’ve got, a bloodbath with 120 people killed when they just went out of their home to enjoy music in a concert hall or a drink in some of Paris charming cafes. It’s quite easy to fight back with guns other people with guns, but it’s much less easy to fight back stupidity. This is where the real problem is, and it’s not gonna be an easy task. 

All my love and prayers are with tonight victims and their families.  


K. Martinez said...

Alain, I know all too well the horror of waking up to news like this. My thoughts and prayer for the victims and their families in Paris and the country of France.

Thorsten said...

Terribel news and once again I´m shocked.

We will go to DLP soon and the moment I´m scared.

But they will not win...they will not take over my or our life.

Freedom and democratie will win!

My prayers from Germany to all French people.

Brandon Piazza said...

USA is by your side. The terrorists may knock us down but we will always get back up. Prayers to the victims and their families.