Friday, February 19, 2016

SDL Weekend Update : New Google Earth Shanghaî Disneyland Satellite View !

Great news, as Google Earth has updated its satellite view of Shanghaî Disneyland, providing us the latest view from above of the park and resort. As Google Earth update the satellite views once a year or so it's also the last one we'll have before SDL opening in June. The view is also interesting to see where the vegetation is already in place in the park and resort, even if it was shot a few weeks ago.

I've enhanced each screen capture as the satellite views had as usual a lack of contrast, and also indicated on each view - except the main one on the top - the location of each rides. Of course, don't forget to click on each to see them in larger size!

Above, the new satellite view of the full park and Disney Town. Below, the Park Entrance, Mickey Avenue and Disney Town.

Next, Gardens of Imagination.


Treasure Cove.

Adventure Isle


Toy story Hotel

Shanghaî Disneyland Hotel

Shanghaî Disneyland Wishing Star Lake and Hotel

Shanghaî Village, retail and dining area located at the other side of the lake.

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Pictures: copyright Google Earth - Digital Globe

1 comment:

xavier said...

The park is just huge !
There are not that many rides, but it will take time to walk from one to another...
It will ease the crowd level (think DL & MK) and allow a bigger capacity (more tickets sold).