Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Star Wars Land Artwork Unveiled During ABC Disneyland 60th Special !

The Disneyland 60 Special is currently aired on ABC and the sequence with Harrison Ford just ended. What did we learned from Harrison about Star Wars land in this three minutes sequence? Not a lot but some interesting concept-arts ( see post below ) or CGI animations were shown. As envisioned they talked about the Millenium Falcon ride during which you'll be sit in the cockpit and be able "to move left or right or firing the lasers cannons"... 

...but also about the supposed big E-Ticket ride in which you'll be "fighting yourself in a battle between the resistance and the first order"!

In addition, more Star Wars lands renderings were also shown during the Harrison Ford sequence, showing street markets, restaurants, the Cantina, and more decors of the awaited land!

And for those of you who missed this ABC Special here is the full Star Wars sequence with Harrison Ford, and more! By the way, in the EW article posted two days ago executive producers of the show Evan Prager and Jesse Ignjatovic answering to a question if the show will reveal the name of the Star Wars land answered "Tune in for the second hour of the show." So, listen well Harrison Ford at 1.05min when he says: "...your first look at the STAR WARS EXPERIENCE". Hmmm... would "Star Wars Experience" be the final title for Star Wars land?

Pictures: copyright Disney


Jeroen said...

Thanks for the update! Does this e-ticket ride looks like a trackless to you?

Alain Littaye said...

Jeroen, i would say "most probably".

steelehonda said...

I absolutely cannot wait for Star Wars Land to open!! It is like every young child's dream come true!

Tom said...

A trackless E-ticket with Star Wars theme and audio animatronics? I think I'll have to move to California of Florida then ;D

"Star Wars Experience" is a possibility, since the Iron Man Experience in HKDL, but maybe the footage has been taped long ago, while shooting the movie and the name was "experience" back then? Is that a possibility?