Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ride Tests Debut for Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man Experience !

Hong Kong Disneyland Marvel’s Iron Man Experience has officially begun its ride tests! Iron Man Experience is the new attraction for HKDL Tomorrowland and will open this fall. And considering all the buzz that is happening for the opening of Shanghaî Disneyland, the least we can say is that HKDL will really need a new ride!

From The Disney Blog: "Iron Man Experience is the all-new attraction we’ve been eagerly waiting for since it was first announced in 2013. Hong Kong Disneyland announced today that ride system tests by their expert team of Walt Disney Imagineers are a go as construction nears completion. Once it opens, it will officially be the first Marvel ride-through attraction at a Disney Park. The new ride will be opening in Stark Expo in Tomorrowland.

The story begins when Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) decides to bring the Stark Expo to the park. Guests can visit the Expo and explore the latest and greatest innovations from Stark Industries. They’ll go aboard an Iron Wing vehicle, the latest flying transport invented by Stark Industries, and journey through Hong Kong streets and the iconic city harbor as they battle against the evil forces of Hydra alongside Iron Man.

The new Marvel-themed area will also include a cool interactive “Become Iron Man” experience, exclusive themed merchandise and an immersive, story-driven character greeting with the man himself…Iron Man."

Pictures: copyright Disney - Marvel


Anonymous said...

Hi Alain, do you have any news on the future of HKDL and the resort? Seems that the development of its downtown area and second gate has been stagnant. Any hints on new attractions that will come to HKDL? Merci.

Brandon Piazza said...

Ugh! This ride looks like a lot of fun! I'm so mad I missed it because I'm not sure when I'll get back to Hong Kong!

Alain Littaye said...

Anonymous, no, i don't have any news on the future of HKDL resort. They of course have plenty of plans for park expansion and a second gate but it certainly won't be announced now ( the medias attention must be centered on SDL opening ) and we'll probably have to wait until at least next year. If SDL opening has a really bad effect on HKDL attendance - as some are afraid it will - then probably some HKDL announcements will be done.