Monday, June 27, 2016

Disneyland Paris Update : Animagique Theater, Big Thunder Mountain and more

Here is a new Disneyland Paris update, thanks to Max, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster. Please note that it will be one of the last DLP updates on D&M, one more will come for the new Mickey and the Magician show at DLP WDS next week. 

Also, for those of you who still don't have the fantastic Disneyland Paris book, i remind you that we have now just a few copies of the book and the book will not be reprinted, so make sure to get your copy when it is still available! More details at the end of this article and you can see more pictures on the book website HERE. 

Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality Book

Welcome to Walt Disney Studios Park.
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith is now reopen! Unfortunately i did not found the time to test it.
A new warning sign to made its appearance at the entrance of the queue waiting for Moteur… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular.
Animagique Theater has now its new sign!
New signs to indicate the entrance to the Park!
Main Street station renovation will end soon with the removal of scaffoldings. See you in July for the reopening!
IMG_9094 - Copie
In all the parc, new electrical facilities were installed to accommodate the new audio system of the Park. It’s a bit too visible to our liking and at the expense of the plantations. 
IMG_9085 - Copie
IMG_9091 - Copie
At Frontierland some painting in progress near Fort Comstock.
The Partial renovation of the ground located in front of Big Thunder Mountain is complete and has been rebuilt identically, with footprints of horseshoes and old wheel of carts. This part is now open for the gests, but the passage does not link to the other end of Frontierland and  Frontierland Depot. So, the visitors get trapped and can’t reach the Frozen show.
IMG_9041 - Copie
IMG_9047 - Copie
IMG_9048 - Copie
IMG_9049 - Copie
About the renovation of Big Thunder Mountain, the cleaning of the mountain is now almost completed, and the next step now is to repaint. The difference of colors is spectacular.
IMG_9042 - Copie
IMG_9038 - Copie
IMG_9039 - Copie
IMG_9044 - Copie
IMG_9045 - Copie
IMG_9046 - Copie
IMG_9050 - Copie
IMG_9056 - Copie
IMG_9052 - Copie
IMG_9053 - Copie
IMG_9054 - Copie
IMG_9057 - Copie
The opossums will no return on the tree, unfortunately.
IMG_9055 - Copie
In Adventureland, the area around « the enchanted Passage of Aladdin » is closed to allow the continuation of the facades painting. The result is already striking!
IMG_9068 - Copie
IMG_9069 - Copie
IMG_9070 - Copie
IMG_9071 - Copie
IMG_9073 - Copie
IMG_9074 - Copie
IMG_9075 - Copie
IMG_9076 - Copie
Surprise of the day (Saturday), pineapple whip was out of stock at 5 pm!
IMG_9066 - Copie
The renovation of Adventure Isle continues with the arrival soon of a new floor in concrete on the pirates beach, the work on one of the bridges and the level of the lagoon that has been reduced to improve the renovation of the island. Unfortunately the silty water continues to rot, from green to Brown.
IMG_9079 - Copie
IMG_9080 - Copie
IMG_9083 - Copie
IMG_9081 - Copie
IMG_9077 - Copie
IMG_9078 - Copie
The renovation continues now with Space Mountain until July 1st, in addition of the one of Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pan's Flight… It’s hard for the guests in the parc who are finally going in the Walt Disney Studios, a parc with less ride and capacities.
IMG_9087 - Copie
IMG_9090 - Copie
Max will be back very soon for a full report on the awaited Mickey and the Magician new show at DLP WDS Animagique Theatre! In the meantime make sure to order your copy of  the not-to-be-missed gorgeous Disneyland Paris book before it will be out of stock forever!

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Disneyland Paris From Sketch to Reality Book

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Dan said...

I don't like the painting job of the rocks near Fort Comstock. The rocks lost their natural look, and instead of various of shades on each rock, there is only one shade of grey. It's these little details which makes Disneyland better than other parks. Very unprofessional and very disappointing.

Ben Jamin said...

Great pictures as always, thank you!
But why one of the last DLP updates? I hope you continue the good work - it's realy appreciated!

Antonio Crosier said...

Thank you for the update! :)